146a. The Abrasive Side


Bubble Bass
Aug 8, 2013
Season: 7

Episode: The Abrasive Side

This episode was very good. The plot was nice. This episode wasn't mean spirited, because there was a reason why Spongebob acted like a jerk. 8.5/10


random gal
Jul 9, 2014
I like it a lot, but it gets boring after a while , I like the scene with SB and Gary and the scene with Squid and the Abrasive Sponge was funny , or like the Mr.Krabs being scared of a word was funny as well, 8/10

Honest Slug

Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Nov 21, 2015
A funny episode with a good plot. Why are people complaining about SpongeBob being mean. It was the abrasive side that was doing that! And it was hilarious seeing SpongeBob being rude to people with a justification.


Captain Stupid

Giant Clam
Jun 12, 2014
Deceased Spongetron said:
I don't know why, but I really hate Squidward in this episode.
I hate Squidward in this episode too, but I find it nice overall. I really like both Spongebob, Patrick and Sandy here.
Mr. Krabs was kinda funny too. However, the ending was... disappointing. Anyways, this was a pretty good episode!



Floating Shopping List
Apr 19, 2017
It's about TIME Spongebob grew a Metaphorical Backbone(Metaphorical, because Sponges are Invertibrates, and because It's a Metaphor, which means he was able to stand up for himself)
Nov 10, 2017
United States
Another great Season 7 episode. I wish we'd get more episodes where the character's personality traits change. They always turn out great. And this one is no exception. It's funny, has a great moral, and the story works very well. I also love OVERTIME!

Ranking so far:
1. That Sinking Feeling (A+)
2. The Inside Job (A+)
3. The Great Patty Caper (A)
4. The Abrasive Side (A)
5. The Bad Guy Club for Villains (A)
6. Buried in Time (A)
7. Squidward in Clarinetland (A)
8. Enchanted Tiki Dreams (A)
9. Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle (B)
10. Growth Spout (B)
11. The Curse of Bikini Bottom (B)
12. Greasy Buffoons (B)
13. A Day Without Tears (B)
14. I Heart Dancing (B)
15. SpongeBob's Last Stand (B)
16. Karate Star (B)
17. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful (B)
18. The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom (B)
19. Kracked Krabs (C)
20. Gary in Love (C)
21. The Cent of Money (C)
22. Model Sponge (C)
23. The Curse of the Hex (C)
24. Sponge-Cano! (D)
25. Back to the Past (D)
26. The Play's the Thing (D)
27. Tentacle-Vision (D)
28. The Main Drain (D)
29. Gramma's Secret Recipe (D)
30. Summer Job (E)
31. Rodeo Daze (E)
32. Trenchbillies (E)
33. Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy (F)
34. Stuck in the Wringer (F)
35. Yours, Mine and Mine (F-)
36. A Pal for Gary (F-)
37. One Coarse Meal (F-)


Autistic Pokemon Fan
Aug 14, 2021
The Perfume Department
I actually kinda dislike this one. Super unfunny. But i think the ending is funny. In matter fact i hate how the abrasive sponge made SpongeBob a jerk that is SpongeBob torture btw!

Rating: Bad Episode

Enchanted Tiki Dreams (Perfect)
Squidward in ClarinetLand (Amazing)
Back to the Past (Superior)
The Curse of Bikini Bottom (Superior)
That Sinking Feeling (Great)
The Inside Job (Great)
The Main Drain (Good)
Buried in Time (Great)
The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom (Good)
I ❤️ Dancing (Good)
A Day Without Tears (Good)
Kracked Krabs (Good)
Karate Star (Good)
The Bad Guy Club for Villains (Good)
Greasy Buffoons (Good)
The Cent of Money (Okay)
Growth Spout (Okay)
Tentacle-Vision (Okay)
Gary in Love (Okay)
Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful (Alright)
Gramma's Secret Recipe (Alright)
The Play's the Thing (Meh)
Model Sponge (Meh)
SpongeBob's Last Stand (Meh)
One Coarse Meal (Meh)
The Great Patty Caper (Meh)
Summer Job (Mediocre)
Sponge-Cano! (Mediocre)
Stuck in the Wringer (Mediocre)
The Abrasive Side (Bad)
Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle (Bad)
Rodeo Daze (Awful)
The Curse of the Hex (Awful)
Trenchbillies (Terrible)
Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy (Despicable)
Yours, Mine and Mine (Despicable)
A Pal for Gary (Despicable)


CEO of Gary the Snail
Apr 23, 2016
What’s this? Another season 7 episode that I hadn’t seen in years? How surprising (/s). My impression of this episode for years has been that it’s genius for using the green (abrasive) side of sponges as a plot point. I kind of love when episodes use SpongeBob’s status as a kitchen sponge, like “Model Sponge”. And, this episode is like a fusion of “Overbooked” and “Walking Small”, which are both episodes I liked, so it makes sense that I liked this one too.

The beginning of this episode sets up the plot quite nicely, even if it does make me feel bad for SpongeBob. Also, who cuts in line for the bus? Unnecessary. Also, I love Sandy, but I don’t like how disrespectful she is of SpongeBob’s time here. She clearly just ran into him, wasn’t seeking him out, yet somehow this is an emergency? Please. And we see that literally it was so Sandy could make a smoothie…ooh that got me hot. Mr. Krabs being disrespectful is a given, and the fact that it was kinda a nod to “Bossy Boots” makes that part better to me. At least, that is until we get a missed bus of “Rock Bottom” proportions. That’s the one thing I didn’t like about “Overbooked” too, how people seem to think they have a monopoly on SpongeBob’s time (which is the point of this episode, this is why he gets the abrasive side). And that annoys me greatly because it’s not fun to watch, even if it is important to set up the plot. Since it is so important, I can give it a pass, but I still don’t like it!

Once SpongeBob gets the abrasive side (because of the GOAT Gary), this is very cathartic and hilarious for me so I don’t mind SpongeBob being a jerkwad. Or the abrasive side being that. Either way, the voice Tom Kenny uses for the abrasive side is just funny to me, and I love how horribly rude he is. It makes it better that it’s so extreme. The part with the overtime definitely had me laughing. And then the abrasive side with Squidward was similarly great, I love how the abrasive side was bad for everyone except him.

The only thing I don’t get in this episode is that clearly SpongeBob is flipping his entire face/body when talking to people, and no one addresses that, and I don’t understand it. I know we gotta suspend our disbelief, but for god’s sake how did no one notice that when SpongeBob gets rude, he literally turns green?? Or that he doesn’t even seem to be in control of the process?? I’m not too annoyed by this, but when a good chunk of the episode is about SpongeBob trying to get help and all of his friends just like…not helping him (despite him helping them all the time) because of a few rude words from an obviously different person, then the issue is glaring. But I suppose I don’t know how they could’ve written their way out of this without using the abrasive side joke, so I can let this at least mostly slide.

And at least Sandy has a brain, so my annoyance ebbs away quick enough. Although I don’t know if I care for the hammy lesson she spits out, especially considering she was one of the people to completely take advantage of SpongeBob at the beginning of this episode. At least she helps take it off of SpongeBob, and we even get implied reconciliation between SpongeBob and Patrick, so I’m cool. As for the ending of this episode, it’s hilarious, and I love how the episode kinda makes us forget that SpongeBob’s grandma was in this episode until this last scene.

“The Abrasive Side” was a generally pretty good episode, even if some character actions annoyed me. It was also one of those episodes that involved a lot of the main cast, so I’m a huge fan of that. I also just think the entire plot point of the abrasive side was brilliant. As we all know, I’m very easy to please, and I think this pleasure kind of eases some of the annoying factors of this episode, which is why I think it’s still a “Great”-tier episode, even with some more issues than usual. That abrasive side is just too funny, and too cathartic!

Episode Tier: Great
Episode Score: