143. The Great Patty Caper

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Feb 14, 2012

Review: This was a pretty good episode, but I can't remember what parts I laughed at.

Rating: 6.8/10
This episode was rather disappointing. It was like a mystery gone wrong. It was just another Plankton episode, and I didn't really like any of the characters, espeically Patrick. I didn't like how he was such a mindless idiot that he couldn't even spell. :bleh:

My cousin made a good point with the episode. Plankton shouldn't have hesitated to open the formula. He should've quickly looked at it before Mr. K could stop him.
Written By Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, Dani Michaeli, and Steven Banks

At this point in the show, SpongeBob was an inconsistent mess. Some episodes seemed to rebound from the awful Season 6 (Tentacle Vision, for example) while some seemed to be determined to go worse than Season 6 (Growth Spout, Stuck In The Wringer). And then, after the very disappointing Legends anthology, SpongeBob really seemed to be stuck on the path of becoming a Nicktoon that was good and got really, really, irreparably bad.

And then this little thing aired.

Don't get me wrong- This is not a great episode that'll restore your faith in SpongeBob. But, just like how Atlantis Squarepantis is right around the point where the show became horrible, this episode is the point where the show picks up some steam (and it's funny, as this and Atlantis were written by the same people ). Things here seem to get sharper. Jokes are better. The animation is less dead and mechanical. And moreso, the characters aren't totally unlikable! That really takes the bitter edge the episodes had been having off.

But, onto the plot. When the Krusty Krab runs out of patties, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs decide to make a new batch. But, fed up after Plankton tries to steal the formula again, Mr. Krabs sends the formula to a bank for out in the west by train. But, when it turns out he needs the formula to make the new batch of patties, he sends SpongeBob and Patrick on a train to get it back. Plankton tags along to steal the formula.

What works about this episode is that while the plot is a little convoluted, it moves quickly and is told well. Something I like about the episode is how it subverts everything rather well. Yes, the exposition takes 5 minutes to tell before the plot kicks in, but it's okay because it's actually funny exposition and not a waste of time. Yes, it's another Plankton episode, but it's approached in a new way. Yes, pointless characters are introduced, but they're actually funny for what they are. Plankton is actually kind of a threat here, and I love how it kinda feels like it deepens the arc between him and Mr. Krabs ("Come on Eugene, haven't you heard of tradition?").

A good deal of the scenes are funny, too. SpongeBob's back-and-forth with the butler was good, and the Butler was overall a pretty hilarious character ("I do not even have the Butler accent!). Patrick's grouping of scenes where he ran past the train to try to stop it was absolutely fantastic. Patrick as a whole was written great in this episode, writing for him is one of Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas's strengths.

Patrick (looking at the Brake lever): Hm. B-R-A-K-E. I can do that!
*he walks over to SpongeBob holding the broken brake*
Pat: Did you need this?


SpongeBob: Patrick, we have to stop the train!
Patrick: Let's see if shoveling this coal into this fire will help!

Hilarious. Oh, and the animation is good.

For all the things this episode did right, however, there are things it does wrong. Some grotesque stuff still is in the show (the view of Mr. Krabs' organs is rather nasty, but tolerable), and a lot of pointless jokes are here too. Seriously, what is this:

SpongeBob: Maybe you stole the formula!
Patrick: Maybe you're a werewolf!
*random fish comes out of nowhere, looks at the full moon (even though it's in the middle of the FREAKING DAY) and turns into a werewolf*
*cut to commercial*

And then it's never mentioned again. What is that? Is that supposed to be a joke? It's up there with one of the worst "jokes" SB has ever pulled. I want to think that something was cut out from that scene, but you never know. And, to boot, the ending ALSO comes out of nowhere. The ep has a bit of a depressing end with Krabs having to pay for the damages, but it's alright. But then the episode skips ahead 75 years and reveals that the whole episode was a story that (a now aged) SpongeBob was telling his grandson in the future. What? An ending like that could have had the potential to be cool, but it doesn't end with a joke or anything....It's just there. Just pointless.

But, for it's flaws, Great Patty Caper is, well great. Especially for the time period in which it was airing. It feels like something you would see in Seasons 8 or 9 or 4 and 5. It's really funny, and while some things in it are dumb, some are really good. This episode didn't restore my faith in SpongeBob (that was A SquarePants Family Vacation), but if you've ever dropped out of watching the series, this should be the episode to come back with. It's a sign of good to come. It's a noticeable point that Season 7 from this point on gets a LOT better from this point out.

This episode? Don't Call It A Comeback. Even though that's exactly what it is. 8/10.
I was a little disappointed with this special but It was decent. There was no mystery in this episode and some parts were boring but It was a little enjoyable. Not one of the best special or one of the best of this season. There were some funny parts in this episode like Patrick trying to stop the train (the best part of this episode), werewolf scene, Mr. Krabs saying "You need to somehow get Plankton to stop coming after me precious formula.", then SpongeBob saying "I know! To keep Gary out of the biscuit tin, I hide the biscuit tin somewhere far away, like Patrick's house! Unfortunately, Patrick ended up eating the biscuits anyway.", then Mr. Krabs saying "SpongeBob, that's it, you genius! You solved me decade's old dilemma!" and then SpongeBob saying "I'm warning you Mr. Krabs! Patrick will eat anything you give him.". I can understand why people don't like it but I thought It was good. 7.5/10

EDIT : I watched the episode again and It was better than I remembered. Don't get me wrong, It's still disappointing for a mystery special and It has couple of flaws but the episode was funny and It kept me entertaining. New rating is 8.5/10 now.
This was a terrible episode! They completely lied to us, I mean, plankton was just obvious and the lady in green wasn't even there for 20 seconds! Also hate the old train idea. Luckily, after this, I could not find one season 7 episode that I disliked. (Even Krusty Dogs and You Don't know Sponge were good in my opinion!)
Wow I would have never guessed it was Plankton! So predictible.
Wait, why is there both a Great Patty Caper and a lesser Patty Caper? Did they not realize when they made this that they had a really similar title just a season earlier? They should have went with Mystery With a Twistery for this one like what it was marketed as.
Supmandude said:
Wait, why is there both a Great Patty Caper and a lesser Patty Caper? Did they not realize when they made this that they had a really similar title just a season earlier? They should have went with Mystery With a Twistery for this one like what it was marketed as.
Yeah. It's pretty confusing. Are both episodes similar in plot too? I haven't seen either one.
iyamtheman72 said:
Yeah. It's pretty confusing. Are both episodes similar in plot too? I haven't seen either one.
Patty Caper's plot was sort of similar but it wasn't on a train and the character stole the actual secret ingredient and not just the jar with the ingredient written on it. I forget what happened in that one but I remember liking it more.
iyamtheman72 said:
Yeah. It's pretty confusing. Are both episodes similar in plot too? I haven't seen either one.
They are not similar episodes. This episode has no mystery, Patty Caper has actually mystery and Patty Caper is also funnier than The Great Patty Caper
Oh Please Stop Making Those Stupid Specials!!! Season 6 Episode Patty Caper Is MUCH Better Then This

Wow, this was one of the most pointless specials ever. I mean the first few minutes were ok but then it turns into a mystery of "who stole the key" for 6 minutes which became totally pointless when it turned out Patrick had the key all along. Hilarious..... . So that killed an act. Oh and right after that we get a joke that insinuates that Spongebob apparently pooped his pant earlier off screen. Hilarious...... Once Plankton steals the key, detaches and sends the front of the train off with Sponge and Pat on it the episode picked up a bit. But all it did was eat up another 6 minutes, the train just goes to the end of the tracks and back. It was just a pointless action scene, and to top it all off Mr.Krabs was guarding the safety deposit box the whole time. Making the entire main plot pointless. Again.
Overall nothing funny, filler galore, over the top action disguised as filler, boring, and Patrick being too dumb again.

Overall, just watch "Patty Caper" instead of this. This is pretty much for the most just an extended version of that episode except it's not nearly as interesting or funny. I mean the beginning was alright but there's really nothing memorable or special about this special. Extremely mediocre and forgettable stuff. 5/10 barely and I will be nice and say that compared to some of the bad Season 7 episodes, I'd still rather watch this episode.
It was decent but something just felt missing to make this a 22 minute episode. Something was just lacking. 7/10
The former title should have been used for this title. This episode is pretty meh. I don't hate it to death but I don't exactly enjoy it and have amusement from it. It's just average. 5.5/10
Rewatching this episode, it's even more amazing than what I already thought it was.

It was a perfect "mystery" half hour special, filled with lots of quality jokes, and characters at their best. Especially Patrick, he was golden here.

I recommend to watch it, for those who haven't seen it yet.

9 or 9.5/10