142a. Trenchbillies

Trench Billies? What this episode about? I've NEVER seen this episode!
It aired as part of Legends of Bikini Bottom. It's when SpongeBob and Patrick are held prisoner by a backward gang of hillbillies.
It aired as part of Legends of Bikini Bottom. It's when SpongeBob and Patrick are held prisoner by a backward gang of hillbillies.
Still not familiar with it. So, it is an episode of LoBB? I thought I saw every LoBB episode, but I guess I was wrong. I should watch whenever I get the chance. It sounds interesting.
This episode STINKS. The plot sounds interesting, but the Trenchbillies themselves are so friggin ugly. The episode is also really boring. I swear, I had to change the channel the first time I saw it, it was so boring. Don't get me started on Mr. Krabs having to marry that ugly old hag just for looking at her. Why did Spongebob have to be so DISGUSTING back then, yet also be so poorly written? Was Aaron Springer trying to get fired?

0|10 Overall
I hate this episode, as well. One of Spongebob's worst, in my opinion.
Not terrible as people says but It's still a bad season 7 episode. At least It was better than The Main Drain. I really got bored when I watched this episode. There were at least a few funny parts like SpongeBob and Patrick jellyfishing, Patrick using SpongeBob as an instrument and Mr. Krabs getting hitched with Ma. Overall, this episode was just boring. 4/10
This episode is quite disturbing. It has redneck streoetypes, the humor is weak, and the plot is too. WHY AARON SPRINGER? WHAT HAS POST-MOVIE SPONGEBOB DONE TO YOU?!
only 2 writers...i think that's why this episode was boring. points for patrick's abacus though 2/10
Do I even need to say this? I couldn't stand this episode! This episode was completely idiotic and downright boring. The Trenchbillies are easily some of the worst one-time character ever to appear on the whole show. They had little character, and were plain generic with little to no personality whatsoever. Not to mention their God-awful character designs. They were borderline UGLY. And, all of the challenges SpongeBob and Patrick took weren't funny. They were uncreative, stupid, and poorly developed. The worst part of this episode, however, has to be the ending. As much as I hate him in some episodes, why did they have Mr. Krabs get married to that ugly anglerfish at the end?! That just sickens me. The only funny parts in this episode were the beginning with SpongeBob and Patrick jellyfishing, and the abacus gag. Other than that, this is one of the worst episodes of Legends of Bikini Bottom, along with The Main Drain, The Curse of the Hex, and Sponge-Cano!, season 7, and the show overall. Epic 1.5/10 for me.
This episode is a guilty pleasure of mine, as I found parts of it funny, IMO. Yet again, I haven't seen this episode in a while. Krabs getting married to the old lady though...no way. It's a 6.5/10 in my book. It's no where near the terrible of OCM or A Pal for Gary.