140a. The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom

I thought this episode was a decent season 7 episode but It's not the best Legends of Bikini Bottom episode. Some parts of this episode was boring in my opinion. I really liked Patrick's and the monster's friendship. Also I thought the ending was just awesome. Some parts of this episode made me laugh like the flashback, the monster saying "Rrrargh" and then SpongeBob saying "Nice to meet you Mr. Rrrargh" and the monster smashing Squidward's house. I liked this episode but It's not one of my favorite season 7 episodes. 7.5/10


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This episode was pretty mediocre. Now, I liked the idea of Patrick becoming friends with a giant monster, because it sounds original enough. But, there were flaws here and there. For example, this episode was a little low on the humor side, and I didn't laugh very much. Plus, the beginning with Patrick and the monster laughing at the snow globe was too much of a time-filler, and I didn't exactly like that "Yesterday" flashback. It just didn't do any good for me. I'm glad SpongeBob didn't act annoying in this episode (besides that scene) and the part where Squidward told the police to arrest him was funny, and I loved the ending. Other than those pros, this episode, in the end, isn't bad or unwatchable, but it certainly didn't excite me, and is utterly forgettable. This was, overall, a mediocre episode of the LoBB mini-series. At least it's better than the other LoBB episodes (excluding Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle, the best episode of the mini-series IMO). 5/10


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This episode is underrated and it is the best Legends of Bikini Bottom episode IMO. However, this episode isn't flawless. This episode disappointed me a bit at some parts, but there was some funny parts like Squidward's appearance and when he said to the polices to arrest him, SpongeBob meeting Raarg, and the "Yesterday" flashback. I didn't like how Raarg left Bikini Bottom, but the ending was great. Not a perfect episode, but it is still a great one. 9/10


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This episode is a JOKE. Well, atleast the first half of it. Which was disgusting, had jokes that went on for WAYYY too long, and was meanspirited. The second half of it was just so boring. This was a waste of an episode. 1.5/10

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I remember me and my friend getting out of the car and running into the house to watch all the Legends Of Bikini Bottom episodes. I will never forget it! 10/10!


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Season: 7

Episode: The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom

This episode was terrible. The plot was really stupid and boring. There were few funny jokes. 3.5/10


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4.2/10. It wasn't bad as such, just really really really really boring and uninteresting.


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Decent one as well so it's previous episode ''Cent of Money'' but kind of forgettable, they could have done better with this one as well...some funny moments there as well (Squidward telling the polic to arrest him, the ending etc) , but as Amphitrite said they kind of had time-filler parts...(ex.Monster's name introduction part..) , but it wasn't a meh, it was decent...7/10


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Yeah, this episode was really forgettable and dull for most of the episode. Raarg is likeable and such, but the design of him is ugly. Doesn't scream cute to me at all. I really liked Patrick and Raarg's friendship, but most of the episode is just so boring that I can't give it a good rating. And besides, it's just pretty lame to me, nothing truly offensive, but it's just like a slice of regular white bread. A way to pass the time, but can't say that it's really enjoyable. I give this a 5/10.
To me, this episode wasn't that bad. It definitely has flaws, but Patrick seems like just the type of person who would befriend a monster. I agree that this episode was a little bland, but it's miles better than episodes like APFG and OCM.

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Most of this episode is just SpongeBob and Patrick doing random stuff with a monster, and it's really boring. It does have a good climax, but that's about it.

Bad Episode (3/10)