139a. Gramma's Secret Recipe

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Review: A cute, sweet, and funny episode! Laughed all the way from beginning to end! And we finally get to see Plankton's grandmother, who was first mentioned in "Krabs vs. Plankton". But, the ending was predictable.

Rating: 8.5/10
I thought this episode was great but some parts were boring. Also the ending was predictable. Some parts in this episode made me laugh like Plankton sinking into the pillow, Plankton being knitted into a scarf and SpongeBob showing his family albums to Plankton. I rate this episode 8.5/10.


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This is one of the worst Plankton episodes ever. It was not funny and I felt sorry for Plankton for putting up with SpongeBob's stupidity. Seriously! Is SpongeBob that stupid to not realize that his great grandma is Plankton in disguise? 1/10


This Episode Shows How Incredibly Stupid Spongebob Can Be Sometimes Also Shown How Incredibly Boring A Episode Can Be Also Whats This Recipe In The Title Card???


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Very forgettable and bland. Want a better version of this? Watch SITKWS........NO IM KIDDING SHELLBACK SHENANIGANS THAT EPISODE IS AMAZING. 3/10


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Season: 7

Episode: Gramma's Secret Recipe

This episode was bad. The plot was kinda bland. There were few funny jokes. 5/10

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A pretty forgettable episode, due to it's dull plotline. Not that funny at all, but nothing too infuriating.



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I always thought of it as a meh one, due to how boring it is at parts...the ending is soo unexpected -NOT- , but tell me, how can Grandma find out that Plankton was in the Krusty Krab's safe....the plot was really dumb....not really well executed...they could have done a better job...5/10


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It's no wonder that I see nobody really talk about this episode. It's just a standard, run-of-the-mill, forgettable season 7 episode. Nothing really new here. Heck, the plot feels pretty similar to Imitation Krabs and even...Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy. Yep. It's a ripoff of a ripoff. I actually don't really know what to say about this episode, since it's really boring and nothing memorable happens in it. I kinda like Plankton's Gramma as a character, and there were a couple funny jokes (like Plankton being knitted into a scarf), but that's about it. It's not terrible, it's just a mediocre/lame episode in the sea of season 7. Nothing new here, that is all. I give it a 5/10.
Kinda forgettable. It's better than SITKWS, but it's still not something I'd recommend. I think this episode could have worked if it wasn't so obvious and it had a few more jokes.

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This episode is really boring. One of the most boring in the series. Pretty much nothing goes on in this entire episode and there were very few jokes. The ending is also too random, and is only there to end this episode.

Terrible Episode (2/10)