136b. Summer Job


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Just saw it for the first time, a very predictable, unoriginal episode... It wasn't overly funny, but it also wasn't as dumb as most of the new episodes... I really liked the early Mrs. Puff episodes, (No Free Rides, Doing Time,) But now she just gets on my nerves, (not to mention the weird tension between her and Mr. Krabs....)

Who would have though the episode would end with her in jail?! That's only happened a billion times...



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I think we should make episode discussions on episodes we like.
Anyways I didn't like this one too well either, just kind of bland IMO.


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so I am not the only one who hates this episode because of that :(
Maybe Mr. Krabs made her work here so he could spend time with her. I mean he kinda acts like it sometimes in this episode. :sbface:
MEH. This episode wasn't good actually but It is not one of the worst season 7 episode. I've seen worse season 7 episodes than this episode. It was a Mrs. Puff abuse episode and SpongeBob was annoying in this episode. Also what happened to Kruff (KrabsXPuff)? This episode definetly ruined "Krusty Love" episode, which was a hilarious episode. This episode wasn't bad because some parts were enjoyable and funny but I don't recommend this episode. It's not worth watching again. 5/10


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Same here. At first, I thought Mrs. Puff has forgotten Mr. Krabs, which is the same thing with Growth Spout in Season 6.

I don't really like/dislike this episode, because it was annoying and boring at the same thing. Why SpongeBob must teach Mrs. Puff boating in jail, when he doesn't know how to drive well?



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I actually liked this episode the first time I watched it, but now that I watched it again, I think it's an awful episode. They must have ran out of characters to abuse since this is the first Mrs. Puff abuse episode. (At least to my knowledge.) It did have a couple mildly funny parts like SpongeBob disguised as a customer, but this episode is just painful to watch and I don't know what I saw in this episode the first time. 1/10

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Boring phoned in episode with Mrs. Puff, Krabs, and SpongeBob being very unlikable and unfunny here. They combined a bunch of previous plots and came up with this basically. Also really predictable and the "twist" ending was shoehorned, contrived and dumb too. I consider it a plot hole since SpongeBob can't even get his drivers license.

Nothing else I can really say about this one.


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Am I the only one that hates this episode due to Mrs. Puff being out of character?
If you think that Mrs. Puff was out of character in this episode, then you are probably not going to like "Demolition Doofus"! I think Mrs. Puff was jerky in both this episode and DD. All SpongeBob was trying to do was give her a flipping note.


This Episode Is A Ripoff To Boating Buddies Only Difference: In Boating Buddies Spongebob Torturing Squidward In This Episode Spongebob Torturing Mrs Puff But Boating Buddies Is Better Then This Episode In My Opinion This Episode Is REAAAAALLY Boring...


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Okay, the arrested for littering gag is really getting tiring by this point. It was funny the first thousand or so times, just please stop reusing it!

As for the rest of the episode, I give it about a 7/10. Pretty good, but not great.