133a. The Curse of Bikini Bottom

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Review: Finally, another Halloween episode since "Scaredy Pants". All I have to say is that there were funny quotes in this episode, and it's classic.

Rating: 8/10


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Pretty boring to see Spongebob and Patrick suffer. One of the worst of season 7. 5/10
Another great season 7 episode and It was well-writen but some parts were boring actually and I think this episode could have been much funnier. It's good to see The Flying Dutchman again but It is not his best episode. Some parts in this episode were funny like Squidward's trowl being in Patrick's butt, SpongeBob and Patrick riding Squidward's lawnmover, SpongeBob and Patrick trying to scare Squidward and the ending. I recommend this episode. 8/10


Not pulling me in in the first act so far. "Old man Squidward" is okay. Squidward wants to be the new Mrs. Puff with the wanting SpongeBob's death. The lawn mower is not that funny. Not much to say about this episode. Ghostified is just no, writers what are you doing? "MY EYE LIDS"-Patrick bringing this episode up .5. Spongebob crying is dumb. That was a bad episode it held my attention though so 2.5/10


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I thought the premise of this episode had potential, but the execution was abysmal. This episode had zero logic, terrible jokes and it was so boring to watch. I also can't stand the character design of SpongeBob and Patrick as ghosts. The worst thing about this episode is that SpongeBob cries just because he can't cook Krabby Patties. MR. LAWRENCE! How could you write such a terrible episode like this? This episode would be in the top 5 of my top worst SpongeBob episodes list. 1/10


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Very bad, sponge and and pat being extremely obnoxious and disrespectful, not caring about Squid's private property and disturbing the cemetery, treating it like a playground. Squid being homicidal. 4/10


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Season: 7

Episode: The Curse of Bikini Bottom

This episode is kinda underrated in my opinion. It was pretty decent. It was nice to see The Flying Dutchman back. There were some funny jokes. 6.5/10


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I was SO close to giving this a good episode in my S7 list. But considering I called freaking That Sinking Feeling a good episode, this definitely deserves to be in my top 5 for the season. The gags are great and the plot is solid! 8.5/10


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So I finally got around to seeing a new episode, and it happened to be The Curse of Bikini Bottom. I thought it was pretty decent, especially for a season 7 episode. Squidward's reason for lending S&P his lawnmower actually made me laugh, despite how dark it was. And while it wasn't chock full of humor, I did laugh at some parts. And Patrick was actually in character, something rare in a later episode, so HUGE props for that. But the poor Flying Dutchman will probably never be truly evil or scary, no matter how much he tries. I'd give it an 8/10.


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So, this episode , for a SEASON 7 EPISODE, it's actually pretty good :p

I will begin with what I was annoyed...So the part that I really did not like about this episode is the fact that Squidward wanted SpongeBob's and Patrick's death....I don't think that these kind of ''ideas'' should be included on a KIDS cartoon...This and ''Demolition Doofus'' have these ideas...In ''Demolition Doofus'' Mrs.Puff wants SpongeBob's death SOOO BAD ... So that's the first bad thing about this episode....The other thing I did not like about this episode was that Flying Dutchman turned SpongeBob and Patrick as ghosts for revenge...I don't think revenge should be included on this episode , even though many episodes do have revenge....But, SpongeBob and Patrick's character is that....why would you make them suffer? The last thing I did not like about this episode was the ''logic'' I mean , SpongeBob could not sleep on his bed because he was a GHOST , Patrick could not blink because he was a ghost, they couldn't eat....Well, in the episode ''Ghost Host'' (for example) Flying Dutchman could do ALL OF THESE things...That's what it gets me...that these things happen to almost every episode but in this episode it was judged...

But I did like some things, like Squidward's trowl being in Patrick's butt :p That was funny, or like the ending , that was funny too! I also liked the scene with SpongeBob and Patrick trying to make Flying Dutchman ready for his date, and they tried to do anything they could because they didn't want to be ghosts :p That was funny and entertaining actually! I think I will give this episode a 6.5/10 because I didn't like these 3 things I told you before...But overall, for a SEASON 7 episode it's a really good, entertaining,''weird'' in a good way and funny episode and that's why I will give it this mark , I am generous :p

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For season 7 standards it at least tries to be interesting and humorous. There were actually funny parts and interesting concepts. With that said it still has that bland season 7 feel so I can't give it too high of the score. It has some good concepts but they never come close to reaching their full potential and while there's some funny jokes they aren't enough to make this episode particularly funny.



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Chuckle worthy episode without any "laughed out loud" moments, but difinetly funny.
There many good lines, plot is refreshing, especially for season 7, my only problems are the beginning of the episode which was kinda annoying and the ending gag which wasn't necessary.
And it's always good to see the Flying Dutchman again. :)
Another very harmless episode. It's pretty good. It has a few funny moments, and not much of this episode felt like filler. That's pretty much all I have to say about it.

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