132a. Yours, Mine and Mine

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Review: I don't like this episode one bit. Patrick was too much of a jerk. I mean, seriously. :patrick: "You can't take it! It's not fair!" Seriously? I hate the ending. Stupid Patrick! D:<

Rating: 1.3/10
I really hated this episode so much. It's episode was just bad as A Pal for Gary. It's definetly one of the worst season 7 episodes. I hated Patrick so much in this episode because he didn't want to share the toy with SpongeBob. I think the only funny moments are Spongebob and Patrick being in Sandy's Treedome without their helmet and Patrick dancing with the toy. The rest of this episode was unfunny. The ending was the worst part. Mr. Krabs made two toys for SpongeBob and Patrick, Mr. Krabs wanted them to pay the toys, then Patrick took SpongeBob's wallet, then SpongeBob complained about this and then Patrick said "Have you learned nothing abut sharing?". WHAAAAAA? That was a bad message to kids. Also In my opinion, It's one of the worst SpongeBob moments. I'll never watch this episode again and I do not recommend this episode. 3/10


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I hated Patrick in this episode. It was completely uninspired, and shows how much of an ungrateful and unlikable character he has become. This also has one of the worst messages ever to be put in a kid's show. The writers should be ashamed of themselves. 1/10

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Jerk Patrick for no good reason really really sucks, is unlikable and isn't funny at all. "Rule of Dumb", a much better episode IMO, actually provided some context as to why Patrick acted the way he did and ended on a better note too. I will give points some of the story but the ending was so crappy. This would have been a much worthier choice for MoBrosStudios to have put on his list of worst episodes rather than "Krusty Dogs" or "A Flea in Her Dome." 4/10

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Thinking about this episode again, I know how I would have fixed the ending if I had been in charge of writing it. Patrick tries to pull the same wallet like stunt but with someone else like an old lady and she gets so mad that she chases Patrick out of the Krusty Krab and hits him with her purse several times and then add then somehow work in a moral about how it's wrong to steal though this new ending alone might have done the trick.

Sandy might also work in a role like this, kicking Patrick's butt with her karate moves like she did with SpongeBob in "The Great Snail Race." That's what I wanted to happen to Patrick so badly in this episode. He needed to have some kind of real consequence or something, not get away with what he did and thus learn nothing.


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I don't actually hate this episode. I do hate Patrick in this episode and the ending was horrible, but I did laugh a few times while watching this episode. I also thought this episode was pretty mean-spirited. Not the worst SpongeBob episode, but it's pretty forgettable. 5/10


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This episode = :patboo:

This episode is horrendous. I hated Patrick so much in this episode. He was a selfish jerk in this one, who doesn't share with his best friend a children's toy. SpongeBob was the one who bought the toy and he wanted to share with Patrick, but Patrick doesn't let SpongeBob to keep for a second? Seriously, this is so stupid. Patrick should get some comeuppance in this episode, but he didn't. He just fought with SpongeBob for a toy. The fight between them is like they are enemies. Then Patrick ate the "toy" (which was a Krabby Patty actually). Ugh... Then the ending comes... What? What kind of ending is that? The ending has one of the worst quotes in the show. This is Patrick's worst moment in the show, and this episode is one of my least favorite episodes.


This right here is the worst episode ever made. 0/10. It shows how Patrick went from best character to worst character. In my top 20 worst episodes, there are about 15 episodes where Patrick is the star (no pun intended). Same with my top 20 best. Shows how far his flanderization has gone.