131b. A Pal for Gary


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Oct 25, 2017
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Episode: A Pal for Gary (S7-E131-B)

I hate ths garbage. SpongeBob is so ::dolphin noise:: ignorant to his dear pet snail Gary. He only ::dolphin noise:: cared to Puffy Fluffy instead, even it became a monster! WHAT THE ::dolphin noise::, SB?! Are you trying to kill your own pet snail with the monster nudibranch that you stole from the gypsy? HOW DARE YOU!

:angrysquid: SpongeBob, you ignorant! Even you're worried about Gary being home alone, you've shouldn't have bought the nudibrance as it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Why SpongeBob?! How could you do this to your dear fans?! :soiled:

Me: Look. I still love SpongeBob, but I just ::dolphin noise:: hate this darkest monstrosity in this series.

Final Score = -∞/10* :fail: :patboo: :primitivesponge:

*This episode deserves a negative infinity over 10 for being an absolute disgrace to this series.
Mar 17, 2017
TheDivertRealm said:
Unpopular Opinions Ep. 3

I'm surprised to see that soo many people hate this episode for a reason, mainly because of SpongeBob and animal abuse. I do agree that SpongeBob is a jerk, but Puffy Fluffy is a really interesting villain. Not only that, but it makes Gary very likeable in this episode, by giving him a beginning that foreshadows his moves in the climax and how he acts strong anc curious throughout the episode. The quality here is at its best, thanks to its details and animation of Puffy Fluffy and Gary. Though I can say that Fluffy's teeth is grotesque, it fits well with the solid tone about how the original must face the chaotice new pet. It tells that story very well and felt like something I haven't seen before. The episode isn't that funny, especially in the first half, but what I've seen is very enjoyable.

Highlight: The Climax

That's actually my thoughts on that episode. I am Intrancity from DeviantArt, doyouwantoptions. In fact, I saw that you viewed my updated ControChoice on A Pal for Gary and shared it to SpongeBuddy Mania.

TheDivertRealm said:
User's Rating: 6/10
A.R.R.: 0.5-0/10

Puffy Fluffy
Animal abuse
"Torture ::dolphin noise::"
The climax

Highlight: The foreshadowing

While this is definitely not a good episode, A Pal For Gary marked a decent role at executing the writing and animation, even if the characters and humor need improvement. First off, I'll talk about SpongeBob, whose motives have reason to keep Gary company at home, by giving him a pal to play with. Due to SpongeBob's naiveté when he first encountered Puffy Fluffy and ignoring the nudibranch seller's warning, he thought Puffy Fluffy was just an innocent and cute creature at first sight + throughout the episode and believed the two would make out, which hen led to the climax where SpongeBob STILL believed Gary was wrecking havoc with Puffy Fluffy became a monster, destroying his character in the process. However, I find people bashing the 2nd half only, but not the 1st half because the 2nd half is where the infamy began. What's in the first half? A smoothly told setup where it all puts foreshadowing and the infamy in place where SpongeBob is worried that Gary is alone in the house. Remember that Gary was distracted to answer SpongeBob's phone call while watching a western show , all of that foreshadowing him saving the day when he learned to rope his opponents, therefore driving Puffy Fluffy out of the house. You thought it was unresponsible that Gary shouldn't do, but it surprisingly save him and SpongeBob during Puffy Fluffy's reign. Once again, Mr. Krabs is quite likable in this episode when he was generous to his local customer and his pet by offering then 2 Krabby Patties. And let's not forget SpongeBob's problem being solved when Gary wen to work and Mr. Krabs still being happy because he thought it was free labor, though it contradicts a rule in the Krusty Krab. And Puffy Fluffy? He's like a comedy clichè except more interesting. Traits include going unstable in over other house pets and especially when he goes into monster form, he can open 4 mouths out of his mouth, including his growth to look like one of those wild animals from Feral Friends. The cliche isn't anything special, but using these facts to make up this antagonist is what executes this clichè into something new. Also, there is at least a joke in this episode like when he can was bouncing across the kitchen, then hitting SpongeBob on the process in the very beginning was chuckle-worthy. While SpongeBob's implication in the 2nd half is unexcusable and cruelty, A Pal for Gary explain everything uniquely.


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Nov 5, 2017
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I think SpongeBob just wants to see the good in everyone

That's why he didn't question Puffy Fluffy

Also while many people contributed to the show's success Stephen Hillenburg did the most since he created the whole concept

Without him there wouldn't even BE a "SpongeBob SquarePants"!
Aug 2, 2018
This is probably one of my favourites episodes of the entire show, no joking, I was laughing the entire time, I don't get why this episode is so hated, the jokes are hilarious, probably one of the best part was when there are a lot of noises when Gary was running away from Puffy Fluffy and spongebob didn't wake up, and when Spongebob says to Gary "Gary, put Puffy Fluffy down" it was so ironic and hilarious, probably an user will reply this comment saying that wants to debate this with me, he can say all he wants, but I still I won't change my opinion of this episode.

Thanks creators of this episode for creating this masterpiece!!!!!!

Nov 10, 2017
United States
I don't wanna have to talk about this episode. It's utter garbage. It's not only really hard to watch, it's also got exactly zero jokes aside from the enchiladas one, which I didn't even think that was all that funny. It's annoying, SpongeBob is oblivious, and it's STILL not even my least favorite episode of the show.

Ranking so far:
1. The Inside Job (A+)
2. Growth Spout (B)
3. Greasy Buffoons (B)
4. I Heart Dancing (B)
5. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful (B)
6. Model Sponge (C)
7. Tentacle-Vision (D)
8. Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy (F)
9. Stuck in the Wringer (F)
10. A Pal for Gary (F-)


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Apr 23, 2016
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Okay, this is easily the worst episode in the entire show. Lemme tell you why.

This episode is a horrendous, frustrating thing to watch. Watching pet abuse/neglect is not funny. Especially because it is a real problem in the real world. SpongeBob tackling real topics like this should not be done, and this is why. The writers attempt to put in "comedy" that utterly fails in every respect because this is not a funny topic. Watching Gary being tortured just isn't funny, and seeing SpongeBob's character ruined in this episode is just bad. I mean, SpongeBob would never act like this. He has never been this oblivious.

The entire episode is just watching SpongeBob be an idiot while Gary gets mistreated and almost killed multiple times. Also, the character design for Puffy Fluffy is just bad and jarring to look at, it definitely doesn't belong in SpongeBob, much like the whole plot.

Unlike all the other bad episodes of SpongeBob, I really don't see what the writers were going for here. Everything I said beforehand was just assumptions that are really just my hopes. I don't know how anyone could have seen this as funny or entertaining, but this definitely represents the lowest point in SpongeBob, and I am so glad that we have never gotten anything this bad since it.

0.5/10, but it probably deserves worse than that
Jan 13, 2019
Johnstown, PA, USA
This episode was god awful in many ways. For starters, Krabs hires Gary for a JOB after being tormented by this psychopathic fish, which Spongebob blames Gary. What?! I give this a 0/10.


Moby Dollar
Jun 22, 2019
While I tend to be more nicer on the infamous episodes, I dislike this episode.

The first half was pretty boring while the second half was pretty stupid. This isn't in my bottom 10 because I do like some of the scenes where Gary fights the monster and SpongeBob's infamous line is so terrible it gets a chuckle out of me.

Bad Episode (3/10)

The Tough Sponge Man

Part Computer or Something
Apr 8, 2019
I like this episode.

This episode is definitely flawed. SpongeBob is kind of a *dolphin noise*, there weren't a lot of good jokes, and feels a bit too mean towards Gary, but I really liked the story, and even though SpongeBob's ridiculously ignorant when he sees Puffy Fluffy's true form, it's understandable why he is the other times, and he does feel like he's trying to help out Gary. Speaking of Gary, I love how he's treated kind of like an action hero, with him being horrified by Puffy Fluffy at the middle, to being brave and saving his owner by the end, while using the lasso that was foreshadowed in the beginning.
All I can say is, it's not the best by any stretch of the imagination, but I'll take this over *noises to represent the other twelve bad words* Hello Bikini Bottom!, and day of the week.

Rating: 6 Nudibranchs out of... HOLY *cut off*