129b. The Inside Job


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How much do I like this episode? ALOT! It was so original with original quotes! Of course, some of it was a bit disgusting, but scratch that. This episode is awesome. The ending was VERY FUNNY! 9.5/10

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Sort of a ripoff of Plankton's original appearance in "Plankton!" but still not a bad episode. 6/10


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i kind of liked this episode. and for the longest time i thought this was a season 4 episode. idk why. it had some gross parts but it was funny.
WOW! This episode was perfect. It's definetly one of the best season 7 episode. I really liked the idea of Plankton reading SpongeBob's mind to get Krabby Patty formula. Some people said It rip-offs "Plankton!" episode.
It doesn't rip-off Plankton episode. The only similarity with episode and "Plankton!" episode is Plankton getting inside SpongeBob's head and that's it. Nothing else in this episode is similar to "Plankton!". I thought this episode was very interesting, funny and enjoyable. Some parts were gross but It didn't bother me. Also SpongeBob secrets in this episode was very funny unlike his stupid secrets in "Little Yellow Book" episode. The funny parts in this episode are Plankton watching a hamster show, a father and a son visiting Chum Bucket because they wants to see disgusting places in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob not seeing anything, Plankton turning into SpongeBob and later turning into Patrick and there are more. I definetly recommend this episode. 10/10

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I loved this one. They got some references to Plankton's original appearance on the show but were also able to add some very funny twists to it. Good to see Mr. Lawrence writing more of these episodes. Makes up for the really lackluster and boring "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy." 8.5/10


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This is a really great episode, way better than SITKWS. The part where Plankton turns into SB and then Patrick is hilarious.

This episode isn't terrible. My issue is it's a slight rip off of "Plankton!" from season 1. But there were a lot of funny parts like the card board cut out of Mr. Krabs and Spongebob's brain. Overall its a 7/10 for me.


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Season: 7

Episode: The Inside Job

This episode was very good. I liked Plankton's idea. There were many jokes. 8.5/10


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This episode was just fine. There were a few funny gags like the cardboard cutout of Mr. Krabs and that ending where Plankton turns into Spongebob and Patrick, but this episode doesn't really have much else after that. This episode doesn't do anything wrong at all but there's really not enough funny and memorable things. This episode reminds me a lot of the episode "Plankton" too. With the same kind of plot. 6.5/10


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I kinda feel bad for not loving this episode as much as the next guy. I may rewatch it again for a second opinion but I don't find too much to love here. I love the twists in this episode and Plankton transforming as Spongebob and Patrick was hilarious, but the rest of the episode here is kind of a rip off of Plankton! And there isn't really anything memorable here. It's a plot that doesn't feel original but had a few nice things to offer here anyway. 6.5/10