121a. Sand Castles in the Sand



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Pretty hilarious episode. Glad to see Scooter again. I'm just disappointed Sandy didn't make an appearance on the beach. My favorite part was when SpongeBob and Patrick were kicked out of the bus and they thought they were stranded but happened to be right there on the beach.



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I thought it was pretty good, and a good way to start off a season, better than Krabby Road, the one that started season 6. The plot was very simple, but the things SpongeBob and Patrick did with the sand were amazing, and so entertaining, although I found it a liiiittle childish, I guess, but still. I loved the ending! 8.9/10


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Basically, a remake of "Battle of Bikini Bottom": SpongeBob and Patrick talk about their friendship, get into a fight, it becomes a war, and then they realize they got carried away and SpongeBob makes some long speech about the value of friendship.

Only this time, they did it good.

Not 100% predictable, though, as the sand castle war was the funniest thing on the show in a long time.
The only problem-- lame title.



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True. That title could have been better. How about "The Battle of Goo Lagoon" or "The Sand Castle War"?


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I've gotten used to that title. I thought it was pretty good! MUCH better than the average season six episode. I think I'm going to like this season 7... but then again the last time I said I thought I'd like season 6 I got Penny Foolish and Dear Vikings...


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It was okay, except it seemed a lot like The Battle of Bikini Bottom. I liked the sand castle battle though.


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I loved this one. it was funny and it had a lot of action. It was perfect for me


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Scooter appears again, although the second time, he has the wrong voice. It was a great episode though. I noticed a few British accents. For instance, "Let's beat it, dude!" That's not a bad thing, though, and it made some things funnier.

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I always loved this one. I thought it was hilarious how Patrick makes A TRANSFORMER LOOKING ROBOT out of sand. The battle was funny too how all the sand made knights moved. It was kind of like The Battle of Bikini Bottom since when they started the battle it they broke up their friendship and started to fight without actually punching or kicking each other, but then they relise that its all stupid and become friends again., but this version was MUCH better, not gross and acutally pretty funny.


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Eh, it was decent. It's better than Battle of Bikini Bottom, anyway. I would have liked less reliance on visual gags and more dialogue, but for what it is it's okay.



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I know I dont say this often, but I liked this episode. I mean its really creative, and the writers were actually using their brains for this episode. Too bad that they made One Coarse Meal. What a disaapointment.


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I honestly don't care for this one much. I know a lot of people like it, but personally, I'm not in that group.

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This is how you take a past time, make it unrealistic, yet not go over the and have it still be funny. Half a point off for them being hurt badly, plus it did take a bit long to get into the main plot. 9.5/10