11b. Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost


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The game they are playing at the beginning is my favorite part... "G7! King me! King me!"
A really cool part about this episode is that we get to see a ton of the room in Squidward's house

I've always been curious about what happened to Squidward while he was in the bubble at the end of the episode
Like its partner (MuscleBob), this was surely overlooked. It was fun to watch, as much of a jerk as Squidward was. It could've been better, though. I mean, as funny as SpongeBob & Patrick were, they were sort of stupid. 7.2/10


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this episode is so overlooked! i actually use one quote a lot. if im playing a video game with someone and they lose and they say "i lost", i saw "but its not tuesday!" unless...it is tuesday
I actually love this episode. It's funny, interesting and dark. And this is one of the episodes that you never expected to be on a kid show. Squidward pretending to be a ghost is a very good idea and It is funny that SpongeBob and Patrick wants to put Squidward to rest. There are more funny moments in this episode too. Patrick giving Squidward's wax statue a CPR is very funny. Patrick giving Squidward a watermelon cracked me up. Squidward throwing the pie in Patrick's face is hilarious. Squidward ordering SpongeBob and Patrick to clean up the mess in his back room and then SpongeBob tearing the wallpaper of and getting rid of the mess is a very funny and clever joke. The ending of this episode is hilarious. Also some of the quotes in this episode made me laugh. Overall, this episode is perfect. 10/10


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Season: 1

Episode: Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost

This episode was kinda good. The plot was nice. Spongebob and Patrick bothered me a little, but it didn't ruin the episode for me. There were some funny jokes. 7/10


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One of the most underrated episodes in my opinion along with The Inmates of Summer, Sandy's Rocket, Once Bitten, To Save a Squirrel, Greasy Buffoons, Home Sweet Pineapple, Texas, Krabby Road, Mooncation & MuscleBob BuffPants to name a few. Just really funny throughout and not an episode many people think of, sort of like a less-known version of Naughty Nautical Neighbors. I have this episode ranked #47 overall (I am working on ranking all 360 episodes and 2 movies based on personal preference. Currently I have 344/362 ranked).
Favorite quote: "I lose!" "But Patrick, it's not Tuesday." "Tartar sauce!"

And by the way, this is squid torture done right since he is kind of a jerk and you can tell they DO NOT MEAN TO HURT HIM AND ACTUALLY BELIEVE HE IS A GHOST unlike episodes like Smooth Jazz in Bikini Bottom where yes Patrick is too stupid to know what's going on but that doesn't excuse it

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