119b. Overbooked


Moby Dollar
Aug 13, 2011

Does anyone think this episode is good. I would say it was... decent.

What do you think of this episode?
Agreed, decent. Though I was a bit annoyed that people starting jumping to conclusions just because a screenshot came out with Sandy's hand on SpongeBob's shoulder. I mean, I'm all for SB & Sandy, I truly am, but that was a perfect example of jumping to conclusions waaaay too quickly. Nothing of the sort that those people hoped would happen even came close to happening in that episode.
It is a decent episode, but it bored me a little because it didn't have much happen.
Good episode for season 7.
Very underrated episode, It was sweet, the plot was neat, and we got to see a lot f characters :)
Actually a little boring, but still OK.
Decent story line and all, conclusion reminded me of "The Best Day Ever." A little boring, but Patrick was there to lighten things up. :patx:
Overbooked, Underrated. I Say that this one deserves a 9.9/10, especially by Season 6 standards.
Eh, this one's okay. Plots like this are overdone, but they can be entertaining. I guess this episode is sweet, and I do like that it had many of the main characters involved in it.
I used to hate this episode. As I've seen recently, I guess it was alright, 6.5/10.
I really like the episode. The plot was good, not too many gags, but still a nice episode.
I know this is kind of unfair, but I really don't like watching this episode. I don't know why. But I just can't stand watching this episode. It's gonna get a 5/10.
Really clever plot. 7/10