114b. Ditchin'


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To be honest, I actually liked this episode. It is underrated, but I don't like the ending and there were some flaws which I can't remember much. I give it a 8.5/10.


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This was the lone bright spot on the multi-episode premiere night two days after Thanksgiving in 2008 that also included the premiere of "Porous Pockets," "Slumber Party," "Krusty Krushers," "The Card," and "Dear Vikings," often known alternatively as "Black Saturday."

That said, when not aired following those other abominations, it doesn't quite have the same pop.

Everybody rated this 8 or 9/10 at the time. I'd say now I give it a 7/10.


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Just a really fun episode that has some nice action bits. The beginning was too long though. One of my favorites of Season 6.



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For some reason I get this episode mixed up with Porous Pockets. Weird since both episodes are pretty different from eachother.

This episode is decent, there's no real jokes here except for the cannibalism one which is pretty funny. 6.5/10


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Season: 6

Episode: Ditchin'

This episode was very decent. The plot was original. There were some funny jokes. 6.5/10


This one's pretty dull and forgettable, but fortunately, it didn't really do anything bad. I'd give it around a 6.5/10.


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Unlike its awful sister episode, this episode was PRETTY PRETTY good and I consider it as underrated....I really love this episode and it is one of my favourites -if not the second best- of the season 6..........Some funny quotes, nice plot and all I have to say now is...Poor Mrs.Puff at the end! 10/10 ...I liked that SpongeBob keeps his promises :)

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It's average, so it's one of the best season 6 episodes! The plot is a mix of old and new elements and some things are amusing. If this was more interesting it could've been good but it's kinda dull and unfunny. Not bad though.

I liked this one. The plot is relatable, there were some funny jokes, and ending was also pretty great.

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