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112b. Choir Boys

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Ink Lemonade hurts me.
I like Aaron Springer but what drugs was he on during season 6, I mean the guy is extremely talented, and his season 1-5 episodes were all solid. I blame the execs for stretching him too thin by having to board all of these episodes solely, impressive feat, despite the episode quality.

This is truly a horrible episode. SpongeBob's character is just destroyed, the jokes are beyond repetitive and this whole thing is just obnoxious. There is no wit to these jokes. You know everything will go bad for Squidward and SpongeBob is a god who does everything right. Slightly more pleasant to watch than Boating Buddies but still one of the worst episodes of the series, and one I hope I'll never watch again.



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Episode: Choir Boys (S6-E112-B)

I HATE THIS ONE!!! SpongeBob was flanderized here. (the worst one was A Pal for Gary) WHY CAN'T THE ::dolphin noise::ING CUBIC CREEPER WON'T LEAVE SQUIDWARD ALONE AND END HIM UP IN A BAD ::dolphin noise::ING DAY?! :facepalm: SpongeBob's choir singing is intense to me, but too bad its in this atrocious crappy episode. The ending is Squidward being SpongeBob's assistant. It's fine but it's just awkward for the Squidward fans. Seriously SpongeBob, if Patrick is gone, just do karate with Sandy or something, NOT STALK AT SQUIDWARD, YOU ::dolphin noise:: SCUMBOB!!!

Final Score = 1/10 :patboo:


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This episode... Good Golly, Miss Molly! (Catch that song reference) SpongeBob once again messes up something for Squidward and redeems him even more. I felt bad for Squidward for every reason- his, um, singing, and SpongeBob's torture. Oh and that freakin' throat clearing scene... I would've liked SpongeBob's performance had the episode revolved around him instead, or he let Squidward do a duet, and not make that weird **dolphin noise** face. I just don't like it. 1.9/10


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A horrible, horrible episode that ruins SpongeBob's character, and makes me get more and more infuriated as the episode drags on. This episode is full of disgusting images and bits of animation, but that pales in comparison to all of its other problems. Torturing Squidward is not funny, especially when done like this. I don't even know what SpongeBob was in this episode, because this just did not feel like him, just a shell. Crushing Squidward's dreams is not interesting, especially with the outright offensive ending this episode have, with its giving us hope that Squidward was actually going to get something for once. 3.9/10
Actually liked this episode in some parts, the gags didn't bother me that much but I will admit SpongeBob's character is shown at worst here. It feels very out of place and really stick out like a sore thumb of the hand called Season 6.
I hate this episode. I hate it with all my soul. Not only is SpongeBob's character flanderized beyond belief, but he is incredibly annoying, the gags are atrocious, there's virtually no substance, and it's not funny in the slightest. And "What a lucky break! Now I have a captive audience!" is my least favorite quote in the whole show. Absolutely nothing redeems this episode. I think I might hate it more than Pieguyrulz does.

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1. Patty Caper (A+)
2. Krabby Road (A)
3. Not Normal (A)
4. Suction Cup Symphony (A)
5. The Slumber Party (B)
6. A Life in a Day (B)
7. Gone (B)
8. No Nose Knows (B)
9. Slide Whistle Stooges (B)
10. House Fancy (C)
11. Giant Squidward (C)
12. Spongicus (C)
13. Plankton's Regular (C)
14. Nautical Novice (C)
15. SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One (C)
16. Porous Pockets (C)
17. Penny Foolish (D)
18. Grooming Gary (D)
19. The Krabby Kronicle (D)
20. Sun Bleached (D)
21. The Splinter (F)
22. Boating Buddies (F)
23. Choir Boys (F-)
This episode just kind of... exists. Squidward torment isn't too harsh, he's only hurt about twice in this episode and he does deserve it, since he pretty much mocked SpongeBob. I just found this episode to be boring. I do like that part where SpongeBob becomes a singing cop, that was really funny, and the throat-clearing gang was kind of funny too. But all in all, this episode is just forgettable.

Mediocre Episode (4.5/10)