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112b. Choir Boys


I liked seeing Squidward on the recumbent and the creepy SpongeBob face was kinda funny, but everything else was just horrid. Episodes like these are the ones that made Season 6 so bad. There's not really anything else to say that hasn't been already said. Squidward did nothing wrong, SpongeBob is a stalker and a sociopath, blah blah blah. Horrible episode, would not watch again.
Final score: 1/10

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THIS EPISODE WAS BAD!!! Spongebob is very annoying in this episode and wants to interrupt Squidward so he can sing his song! But Squidward is busy! In the end, Spongebob deliberately ruins Squidward's opportunity to become part of the choir! Plus, what was with that creepy face Spongebob made when the jellyfish were carrying him?!



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Watched this episode today and chuckled a few times. Wasn't so bad as some people are making it out to be.


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Don't like it that much. I don't think it's the season's worst episode (Clash of Triton) but it's still bad, and I hated Spongebob's performance here. Squidward should've just ignored him on his way to the choir. When Squidward was done with the breath spray I liked the joke where he was off-key compared to the rest of the choir singing. But speaking of the breath spray that scene took too long as did the coughing part.



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After watching PIEGUY's 6 minute rant about it, I'm actually surprised this episode didn't get more hate. I completely agree with what he says. This is a terrible episode. We have here sad and depressed Spongebob who then turns evil in this episode and then just sings out of nowhere. It was obvious the writers were really praising Spongebob here when they shouldn't be considering of how he torments and annoys Squidward. This episode could almost be A Pal For Gary bad. 0/10


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Season: 6

Episode: Choir Boys

This episode was horrible. The plot was really horrible. Spongebob was very flanderized and out of character here to the point he became very obnoxious. He bothered Squidward so much i had sympathy for poor Squidward. It was kinda mean spirited too. The ending was really stupid. There were one or two funny jokes. 2/10


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After thinking about this one more, it's now my second most hated episode of the entire show. (#1's One Coarse Meal.)

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Off-key singing
Bad overly long gag/exchange of dialogue
Annoying overly long gag
More off-key singing (from both characters this time)
Stupid joke of SpongeBob being oblivious to someone's pain (that he causes)
More off-key singing
Gross-up close-up (which I don't know how I feel about)
The same annoying overly long gag as the last one except from the other character this time, and even longer
Maybe a few other things


A bad combination of these negative factors creates one of the most annoying episodes ever, and this is, no doubt, the most obnoxious episode to listen to.

Once again, UUUUGGHH!

Alright, all that asside, in the episode's defense regarding one of the big complaints, I don't think SpongeBob has any malicious intent. (Skip my parentheses in this defense if you want to avoid my conspiracy-esque theories I threw in, and get my points)

"What a lucky break, now I have a captive audience!"

All that line means is that he knows someone is listening to his song and can't get away. (I say someone because... after A Pal for Gary, I've learned that the depths of SpongeBob's stupidity knows no bounds, and that at times, he can't tell what's in front of him. Here, he doesn't know that Squidward is the one being held captive)

"Um, Squidward could you keep it down please? I'm trying to find my starting pitch here.

The joke is that SpongeBob is oblivious to Squidward's pain. (Going back to the last parentheses, with this quote now in mind along with the last one, I'm thinking that SpongeBob is convinced that Squidward and 'someone' are two different people, that the person he hears screaming is different than the 'captive audience')

Everything he does to Squidward is to get his attention, because apparently, he feels that he needs Squidward's consent to attend the choir, and he needs to show him his singing voice.
He even offers Squidward a spot in the choir at the end. That's a nice gesture, don't you think? Of course, he gets the lowest possible position, but SpongeBob didn't make that decision. The choir man did, which makes sense because, in this episode, Squidward is a terrible singer (save for one moment toward the beginning). The worst description I'd give SpongeBob here is that he is an oblivious and selfish antagonist who doesn't take a hint.

Speaking of Squidward's singing and the choir man's decision, there is one questionable line that caught my attention

"It is a high honor to be chosen for the Bikini Bottom men's chorus..."

High honor? Chosen? WHAT? Alright I could come up with a few theories on this, but I choose not to in this post. That line speaks for itself.

In regards to Squidward's character and his singing, there is one thing that slightly makes up for his torment: His unreasonably high ego. Yes! Thank you! Then again, maybe it's not so unreasonable considering apparently he was 'chosen', and he believes that's a 'high honor'... Well either way, I actually don't feel that much sympathy for Squidward here. The episode doesn't take itself seriously at all. I feel much worse for him in Cephalopod Lodge. Not that that episode takes itself too seriously either. But the negative consequences for being kicked out of the club in that episode are much more severe on his emotional state.

Oh yeah, one other thing I'd like to point out. SpongeBob suddenly uses an angelic voice. I guess he really just needed to find that starting pitch. And that is one of the very few pleasant sounds in the episode.

I don't even know what to rate this.
I...I....I.... I don't know what to say. This is not only my least favorite episode of the show, but it's one my least favorite things I have ever seen. There is making your character unlikeable, and then there is shooting your character in the brain and heart. I will never forget the throat clearing, obnoxious singing, Squidward torture (ON PURPOSE BTW), and derailment and death of SpongeBob (character). I obviously hate this episode more than many, but I just can't take it. -500000000/10

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This episode has little to no potential of this being funny in the slightest. There are a lot of really annoying gags, like Spongebob's bad singing and that breath spray gag. This episode is also really gross, like Squidward's hand after he gets stung by jellyfish, OH MY GOD!!! That's gross!!!!!!.There's also another really disturbing face that Spongebob makes while he's singing. Who makes that face while they're singing? Also, I have to mention this quote "What a lucky break, now I have a captive audience". While I don't like that line, i'm not as inflicted with this line as many other people are. In a good episode, like Naughty Nautical Neighbors, Squidward as being a jerk, yet he got comeuppance at the end of the episode. But in this episode, he just wants to go to choir practice and he didn't even rub it in anyone's face. This is one of the worst Squid torture episode in the entire series, but there are so many different annoying stuff in here, so there isn't anything positive in this episode what so ever.



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This episode was truly, without a doubt, DREADFUL! I REALLY HATED this episode. This is one of my least favorite episodes of all time, behind Squid Baby, APFG, and Pet or Pests. I'll start with the saying that SQUIDWARD DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO DESERVE SPONGEBOB'S TORTURE. Spongebob was very annoying, cruel, vicious, and absolutely abominable to Squidward. Then there was Spongebob overly repeating "Can I come?" to the point where I just got exasperated. Of course I also hated the part where Spongebob said "What a lucky break, now I have a captive audience!", but that wasn't the WORST part of this abomination. The part where Squidward's hand got stung by the jellyfish (it has a really gross pulsating vein on top of that, ewwwwww :patgross:), was really gross and they should have taken that out of the episode.

I will never forget the worst gag of the show, and that is that obnoxious throat clearing gag. Not only did it go on for too long, it sounded annoying! And to add insult to injury, there was off key singing from Spongebob, and maybe the only good part of the actual episode, and that was his somewhat-creepy-but-mildly-amusing-at-the-same-time face (Sorry, my name for that face is terrible). The episode was also painfully dull, and it felt like it was going on for 30 minutes instead of 11 minutes. I know the writers can do better, and they should have done WAY better. Most people can tell that I hate this episode, but I just wanted to get it off my chest. Overall, just a horrendous episode that ranks among the worst of the series, and it deserves to be hated by a lot of members, it really does.

Score: 0.5/10


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This episode DESTROYS SpongeBob's character...SpongeBob wasn't -exactly- like that in the Seasons 1-3 (probably 4 too) but this episode DESTROYS his character...In this episode, SpongeBob is an annoying creature that doesn't want anyone to be happy but they want them sad because he has nothing to do! The ending is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO unfair.!!!!!! No, this is not an episode, this is AN ATROCITY...This is GARBAGE....how can someone like that??That is unfair! The only thing I like about this episode is the beggining...Don't even get me mention that Squidward was bitten by jellyfishes FOR NO REASON! SpongeBob's singing did that....Squidward's voice is not the BEST but SpongeBob's not EITHER!!! That's the most UNFAIR episode...1.5/10 (for the beggining and ONLY!)
This episode, IMO is the worst of the series, I absolutely think this episode is horrendous, the best part is the ending, but even that was an average ending. (Also the throat clearing. Darn that's horrid.) This thing made me lose all hope for this series, that was damned from season six beginning.

0.666 / 10 - SCUMBOB EPISODE. :patboo: :notetoself: :squidugh: :nervoussponge:


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So this is very interesting... the earliest thoughts on this episode way back when it aired in 2009 showed mild enjoyment to actually thinking it's good....

We then jump to 2012, where some very specific people "review" it on youtube.

Now we see everyone "reviewing" this episode the same way they have, saying the same things about it...

Interesting... :bullshrimp:

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DigDugtrio said:
So this is very interesting... the earliest thoughts on this episode way back when it aired in 2009 showed mild enjoyment to actually thinking it's good....

We then jump to 2012, where some very specific people "review" it on youtube.

Now we see everyone "reviewing" this episode the same way they have, saying the same things about it...

Interesting... :bullshrimp:
Maybe it's because it's a really bad episode and people don't like it?