109b. The Krabby Kronicle


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So, The Krabby Kronicle.. what's your opinion on this episode?

It's another favorite of mine from S6, the "Mrs. Puff Gets Caught In High Speed Chase" story was hilarious, and the "Larry the Loser Gets Beaten Up By PipSqueak" story as well! 8/10..


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Yeah, this episode definitely isn't bad... I remember laughing a few times... Haven't seen it recently so I can't give a fair rating, but I'll say 6.5/10...


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You know, I think that it isn't, because at least Mr. Krabs didn't drive people to death.

Anyways, as I like to say, "OH MY GOD A GOOD SEASON 6 EPISODE!"


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Really good for Season 6. It has a moral at the end like older episodes. Don't send rumors or tell mean lies.
I think it's based on a storybook, much like "Waiting" was. I know, because I owned it.

Premise: 8.5/10
Execution: 8.5/10

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The episode's not really bad. My only problem is the SpongeBob abuse and possibly because I've seen the episode's plot and conflict, done too many times.
Usally, someone gets the idea to start a newspaper business, and makes stories which ticks off people.


This episode was kinda like the Cent of Money. Awful abuse on a character (someone in the Squarepants family) where the abuser (Krabs) gets punished for being so stupid.


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Mr. Krabs was really mean in this ep working SB like that but I got happy when SB actually rebelled in his writing! 8/10


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It wasn't that bad, but not all that good. The Spongebob abuse wasn't handled terribly well, and the idea of the Krusty Krab having its own newspaper is rather odd (but then again, so was Krusty Towers, and that's one of my favorites). So, eh, it was ok.

6|10 Overall