106a. A Life in a Day


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Pretty good episode.. haven't seen it in a while though.. I remember the part where SpongeBob was riding the seahorse thing outside of the grocery store which was really funny. Episode reminds me of SpongeGuard on duty some



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Pretty good episode, alot better than it's partner and most of the rest of the S6 episodes. I think of this episode when I see my Lobster status on SBC.


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I like this episode it's so pumping! It's really one of the good season 6 episodes! 8/10


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Eh, this one is okay. It seems a bit confused about what its moral is supposed to be, though. Whatever its moral was, it didn't get it across very well.

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Good episode. Chris Reccardi should have stayed on this show longer than he did because I really liked a lot of the Patrick drawings in this one and SpongeBob actually gets some kind of consequence for his actions. At times you can tell that he got the characters to look somewhat stylized and it was a bit more evident in "20,000 Patties Under the Sea." 8/10

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Now this is one of season 6's best! Sure, the ending was kind of weird, but still very funny. It kind of reminds me of Pre-Hibernation Week even though I like that episode better. Larry makes a major appearance here and one of his best. Overall, a great season 6 episode. 10/10


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Season: 6

Episode: A Life in a Day

This episode was kinda good. I liked the plot. There were some funny jokes. 7.5/10


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I used to really love this episode as a kid, what about now? Well....mostly.

There's some good gags in this episode like the mechanical seahorse and Patrick's hollow self, the plot is VERY relatible and there's some tension here. But I don't really like how Spongebob didn't learn his lesson. He's in the hospital after landing on those spikes but he doesn't say that he went to far or that he's sorry about misinterpreting what Larry said, he just kind of pisses off Larry and episode over. And I REALLY don't get why Spongebob Patrick and Larry wouldn't just jump down the ocean when they're about to get shredded. That part was really stupid. 6.5/10

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A pretty good episode, but I didn't like SpongeBob much. It was funny at times.



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It was decent and I liked some parts of it (ex.Larry trying to prevent SB and Patrick from falling on that island with the purple thingies) , but I disliked a lot of parts as well (ex.Patrick's car ''incident'' , Patrick trying to be eaten by monsters etc) , kind of boring at times as well (the beggining) , but it was decent...6.5/10


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I didn't like this one, especially the beginning since, I felt as if Larry was endangering people's lives with his motorcycle when driving on the Beach!

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Pretty good episode mostly. The episode is just different compared the the barrage of repetition in season 6 and the gags mostly hit, enough for a funny and interesting season 6 addition.