102b. Nautical Novice


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Wasn't too bad for season 6 standards, just a little bit too boring for my tastes. Did not really keep my attention. Not too funny either.

5.5|10 Overall


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SpongeBob should be able to learn to drive a boatmobile if he can drive a ship...although he didn't really drive it.

I think he did when the boat made all those twists and flips because the tugboat would've done that.



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The writers could’ve AND should’ve ended this episode with Spongebob having his license instead of creating such a disappointing ending. Heck, the writers even made an episode, Bumper to Bumper, where it also seems like Spongebob gets his license in the end. But instead, like this episode, it ends with Spongebob NOT getting his license (as well as having Mrs. Puff arrested). What could've been one of the best episodes ever, became one of the worst episodes ever.

0/10 (If it had not been for pretty much the last minute, then I would've given this episode a perfect 10!)


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All I remember about this episode is finding it excruciatingly boring. That and Mrs. Puff's attitude got on my nerves. She was far too hateful toward SpongeBob.

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The ending really sucked but other than that, better than "Penny Foolish." Reminded me of Rocko's Modern Life a little with the boat museum scenes and how SpongeBob ends up doing a better job being the tour guide than Mrs. Puff. Rounding it up to a 7/10 overall.
This episode was mediocre. It was good and bad at the same time. The plot was pretty good, and for the most part, it was funny. Spongebob getting his driver's license was epic. The way he stopped the boat, man, that was awesome. Then we get the ending. WHAT WAS THAT? THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY STUPID! JUST STUPID! But, overall, it was okay. 5/10


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What really made this episode good was the humor and it could've been a perfect episode if it wasn't for the twist at the end. It still doesn't ruin the episode for me since most of the episode was great and that "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING YOU TWIT!!!" line did get a laugh out of me. I think that Spongebob not getting his license in this episode just makes me think that SpongeBob is never going to get his license.

Overall rating: 8/10


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Season: 6

Episode: Nautical Novice

This episode was bad. Mrs Puff was kinda mean spirited, and Spongebob was kinda annoying. The ending was a slap in the face. There were few funny jokes. 5/10