102a. Penny Foolish


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I'll be honest to say this episode very overhated I actually like it I found many parts funny (like Mr Krabs screaming when the moon turned into a penny) and I also liked the part when SpongeBob found the bill (which look like a penny for some odd reason)


Best Character:Maybe SpongeBob




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This episode is bad. Mr. Krabs was way too greedy here, and him being greedy is pretty much the entire episode. Also, read the plot. All it is is Mr. Krabs being annoying, overly greedy, and downright over-the-top in a bad way, stalking Spongebob for a


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For me this episode is OK, I don't like the ending, it's boring and pointless...the rest is funny because I like how crazy Mr.Krabs is for a quarter :p, he sure loves money, the scene at the Krusty Krab (when Mr.Krabs did a show so SpongeBob will give a penny ) was HILARIOUS I couldn't stop laughing...I will give it a 7/10

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Still not a good episode but I still don't think this is the worst of season 6 or anything, the plot execution is bad and a number of jokes just don't work but there's some great stuff like Mr. Krabs' slideshow and people seeing Mr. Krabs jabber like a dolphin that at least give this episode some humor compared to some of season 6's other abominations. Also I think it's kinda hypocritical how people get so mad about Mr. Krabs being obsessive over a penny. Am I the only one who sees irony in that? The characters have done a lot worse, but I agree the execution of the plot was bad.



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I actually thought that this was an OK episode. I actually laughed at a few parts, like when everything turned into pennies and when SpongeBob thought that Squidward looked beautiful. I don't think that it was the worst of season 6, but it still has a few flaws. The episode dragged in some parts, the ending is boring and was mostly comprised of filler, and the plot was poorly executed. A few jokes didn't really work for me, but at least I can see some effort put into them. I have to say that Krabs was OOC, but not in a way that completely ruins the episode. I've seen worse from that red crustacean. All in all, not a good episode, but it has some funny moments that make it watchable and even a bit enjoyable. 6.5/10


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Oy, this episode. It doesn't bother me as much when I first saw it, especially since there are other episodes where Mr K's behavior is worse, but what he did was freakin' cruel. Just meh. 4.1/10



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It was OK but my favorite part was when Mr. Krabs screamed seeing the moon as a penny, which I can't even stop laughing at and have as my avatar as i'm typing this. I also laughed at when Mr. Krabs saw everything circular as a penny leading up to said scene, and when Mr. Krabs screamed when SpongeBob said "but I don't have a penny", especially combined with the music, which for me, is quite relatable. I also liked it when SpongeBob said "The thing I found was a bright shiny new day!" because it's relatable for some people. What I DIDN'T like was how Mr. Krabs went insane over that one penny he saw SpongeBob had yet SpongeBob doesn't even remember having one even though what he picked up was clearly copper and small like a penny even though Mr. Krabs ironically has BILLIONS OF DOLLARS and doesn't even need that penny.






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I don't really like this one, it makes sense, but it feels very lazy. PGR even pointed out how they didn't even show the penny originally, and just instead showed two clips back to back that are the exact same. Also, really ruined a nice moment when we saw Mr. Krabs digging right outside SpongeBob's house. Really thought it was a good moment, feels like one of the first flops of Season 6.

I thought it was BAD: 2.2/10


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This episode is weird, but I found it alright. Kind of boring at first, but it turned okay. The ending managed to get a bit of a chuckle out of me.


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I love the joke where the fish call Mr. Krabs "fat" but that's about the only time I laughed. Yeah this one didn't thrill me. The plot was weak, the ending makes no sense, and did they really have to show that one scene twice?

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