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I can't stand this episode. The song is nothing memorable at all. The episode is just not good, and Miss Grissle Puss kind of grosses me out. Nothing funny, either.

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A pretty stupid episode. It was annoying, unfunny, and just plain pointless. Mrs. Gristlepuss and the other little old ladies really got on my nerves, as did Mr. K, and even SpongeBob. Plus, the ending made no sense. 2/10


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This episode is pretty boring and nothing too memorable. And, I didn't like the ending with Miss Gristlepuss eating Plankton. Gross! 5/10



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that old woman was about enough to make me know this episode would be dumb. Banning "Fun"?!?!?! That's not cheesy, that's downright dumb like hell



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If the stuck-up Gristlepuss doesn't make the episode bad enough, Mr. Krabs was just as awful.




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I hated this episode. It has a stupid plot, with practically no jokes.


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This was an awful episode. It was filled with unlikable characters, and sprinkled with one of the most unmemorable songs ever. 2/10


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I love this one but the funny thing is its basically about do illegal stuff secretly lol 8/10

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When I first saw this episode, I thought to myself. "Why does this episode exist?" "Why did this episode need to be made?" One of my least favorite season 5 episodes and one of my least favorite overall.



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With Al Priss... see a pattern here even before I watch the episode? I mean, did he just ban the patties for his wife or for himself too? Because I can understand why he still ate a Patty. He was trying to make his wife content (or to stop her from being all naggy) but still liked them. Or maybe he found a reason besides his wife disliking the restaurant but ate them anyways because a he's a rule breaking jerk. Maybe I'm getting to much into this? Eh whatever. :p

The episode itself was great and really moved me against the Priss family. I think it's a great episode to watch since you rarely see the police and the KK interact. Plus I loved the Nasty Patty music when SB and Krabs were talking inside the pineapple. I get an illegal, going to against the cops vibe between those two that I also got in the last one.

Did anyone else feel in the beginning that the animation made the characters too big for the KK? Like the scene with Miss Gristlepuss, her sisters and Krabs.


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The only part I liked was what Squidward said after they shut down the KK. "You called her an old and you threaten her with a french fry strainer". 2/10. Also, mr Krabs was right; she can;t shut them down. he police can't make a food illegal, as the police only enforce the law. It is the government that makes the laws. And even then it would take some time to get it passed (if it is even passed). While here, it only took one day to pass.

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It was a Meh episode nothing memorible,plus I thought they would do something specail for the 100th episode.
The sister episode is better. 4/10


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Not very good or even Interesting for the 100th episode. The song was cringy the characters weren't so good and it didn't have much jokes or conflict. Also this is a nitpick but why did they have to put the "The End" sign at the end when we already knew it was the end of the episode?