094b. Mermaidman vs SpongeBob


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I like the idea of this episode, but it wasn't executed that well. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy as "zombies" was kind of cool to see, but the episode itself was pretty boring, and the ending anti-climactic.
I feel like Plankton was too cliche here, and if it was a supervillain like Man-Ray it would've been better than some cheesy Krusty Krab gimmick. 7.5/10


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I actually like this episode. I found it funny and I don't consider it a ripoff of say, Plankton!



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Season: 5

Episode: Mermaidman vs Spongebob

This episode was kinda good. The plot was nice. There were some funny jokes. 7/10

Pinhead Larry

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It's alright I guess, even if they just turned it into a daft Plankton episode, and strayed away from the characters.


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Very good, the idea of a Plankton and MM&BB episode is good and this episode has some fun action and jokes. Nothing is amazing but I have no complaints and I certainly think it deserves more notice.



While not among one of season five's best or the heroic duo's best, it does have its good scenes and there's nothing about it I disliked. Plankton, like usual, is very entertaining.

It's a decent MM&BB episode. I think this episode is a little lacking on the jokes, but I can look past that slightly because the plot is great, and I'm surprised we haven't already seen something like it.

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