094a. Blackened Sponge


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This is a very wierd episode and a bit awkward.. But has humor and the plot is great!


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What I love about this one was that the writers had the opportunity to make Spongebob annoyingly egotistical (like in "As Seen On TV,") but instead, they made his stories of fake triumphs so utterly bizarre that he just came across as being a total freak. This was a pretty weird episode and I liked it. What a little weirdo.


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This was one of those episodes that could have turned into another "Spongebob cries a lot" episode, or a "Spongebob is an arrogant jerk" episode, but surprisingly, it didn't! It was really funny. Spongebob is a huge dork and this episode was weird and funny to me.

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I don't really know how to feel about this episode. Part of me thinks it's kinda unfocused in the story and on the other hand, SpongeBob's stories about Crazyfish were kinda interesting. One thing I am for certain though is how light this episode is on laughs so because of that, I'm gonna lean towards giving this episode a 5.5-6/10.


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I actually really like this episode (I say like because I have watched it quite often. It is in my top five list of season 5 episodes). I found a lot of humor in it, and I really like that SpongeBob is kind of an egotistical jerk, and in general, I love how he's capable of lying about this stuff to make himself look better.
I think this episode is really great and pretty funny. I'd actually be up for giving it a 7.5/10. It had some flaws (like not really having a straightforward moral/life lesson. Which would have made sense for an episode with a lot of lying in my opinion), like a lot of episodes do, but I actually kinda think this episode is underrated.


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It's slightly above average. It's not great, not terrible, but it's a bit more than good. I like Spongebob's stories he makes up and there's some good lines here. One of the episodes that you forget but when you remember it you start to remember the whole thing. 7/10
This one has grown on me over the past years just like season 5 itself. At first I didn't care for it and it continued to be that way (even after Pieguy said he loved the ep) but later I'm starting to like it a lot. This is how to do an egotistical episode. SpongeBob's stories of how he defeated Crazyfish and got blackeye are so stupid they are funny. Cameos from other characters are pretty well done as well. This is not close to be one of my favorites from seaeon 5 but I really enjoy watching this episode now. "B+"


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I don't really like this episode =/ At first, it's SOO forgettable...I don't even remember the most of it! But I do remember that it was boring and it wasn't funny AT ALL....SpongeBob telling lies to the people he LOVES just so he can brag and be a ''man'' was not funny...The ending wasn't funny at all...I really don't know what raiting should I give this episode....I don't like giving low rates since I want to be kind with every SpongeBob episode, but I think that this episode is a DISASTER BOMB...and also, one of the worst season 5 episodes for me -if not the worst..- I am giving it a 1/10 and I am really sorry to those that loved/or liked it...I really can't give it anything more ... :no: