088a. Money Talks


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I like this episode a lot. It feels like an old episode. I like it when SpongeBob is in line to give away his soul. I LOL'D at that part. 9.5/10
This seemed a lot like Born Again Krabs, except Krabs seemed a lot more obsessed with money. It was great, overall. Corn dogs, princess outfits, and diapers! :xD: 8.5/10


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It's meh it could be better I do think its funny when Me. Krabs, Spongebob and Patrick wear exactly the same thing. 5/10
just like Born Again krabs, and that's a bad thing for me ;)

just like Born Again krabs, and that's a bad thing for me ;)


Actually an underrated episode. I kinda liked it, especially compared to some other season 5 episodes. The song was bad, but everything else was pretty good.


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I was surprised by how much I liked this one considering what a stupid premise it had. I actually found it quite funny, especially the ending where we find out that Mr. Krabs has apparently sold his soul to more than one ghost. Oh, Geno. @_@
This episode and Selling Out are a little the same but I like this one better.
Best Character - Mr. Krabs
Best Moment - If I could talk to Money song

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The song was kinda stupid but it picks up after that and there were a few funny parts here and there so I guess it's okay. Kinda left me wanting something more though because of how short it was. 6/10


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Season: 5

Episode: Money Talks

This episode was kinda good. The plot was decent. The song was pretty funny. There were some funny jokes. 7/10


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This episode was alright I guess, it's not that funny or memorable at all (before hand, I couldn't even remember what this episode was about at all) but for what it is, it's pretty good. 7/10

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This episode was pretty good. Lots of funny moments and clever jokes with The Flying Dutchman and Mr. Krabs. One of the best Season 5 short episodes, that's for sure. 8.5/10