087a. To Love A Patty


Moby Dollar
Dec 12, 2016
In the land of awesome cartoons.
This episode is just too disturbing for a show such as this. It's definitely the worst of season 5, and even worse than some bad season 6 episodes.

SpongeBob dating a Krabby Patty is the most ridiculous thing ever. It becomes part of his whole life, and during this forgets EVERYONE, from Gary to Patrick to Sandy to his job at the Krusty Krab. The ballad song was terrible (SpongeBob destroys clams, he puts a hat on the Patty), and then, the gross out with the moldy patty, and SB having to eat it was just enough. I wouldn't recommend it for first time watchers.



Balloon Traveler
Oct 25, 2017
Episode: To Love a Patty (S5-E87-A)

:patboo: I HATE THIS ::dolphin noise::ING EPISODE!!! I hate it from beginning to end. When I see SpongeBob dating a krabby patty with the shape of a lady's face, he was acting gay here. What the hell, Casey and Zeus?! And he even defend Patty by killing the clams, including Junior. The song "I can't Keep my Eyes on You" is the worst and most absurd love song ever. When the closer look of Patty in rotten form filled with worms, maggots and crap (I call it Nasty Patty 3.0), it made me cringe, and even SpongeBob ate it in the end. :patgross: Honestly, this episodes is creepy and disgusting as Hell. I wanted to puke. In conclusion, I'LL NEVER WATCH THIS ::dolphin noise:: SHITTY EPISODE AGAIN!!! And yes, SpongeBob is gay in this dirty episode.

Final Score =-āˆž/10
Nov 10, 2017
United States
This is one of the creepiest, unfunniest, and most poorly executed episode of the show. The concept is really bad, the execution is even worse, and this episode made me realize that you could always be more sad and pathetic.

Ranking so far:
1. Krabs a la Mode (A+)
2. Roller Cowards (A+)
3. New Digs (A)
4. Bucket Sweet Bucket (A)
5. The Krusty Plate (A)
6. Spy Buddies (A)
7. Friend or Foe (A)
8. SpongeBob vs. the Patty Gadget (A)
9. Money Talks (B)
10. Picture Day (B)
11. Boat Smarts (B)
12. Night Light (C)
13. Rise and Shine (C)
14. The Donut of Shame (C)
15. Pat No Pay (C)
16. Fungus Among Us (D)
17. The Original Fry Cook (D)
18. Good Ol' Whatshisname (D)
19. Waiting (E)
20. To Love a Patty (F)


Dead Inspector
Nov 5, 2017
United States
Here it is...the episode that began SpongeBob's dark age!

SpongeBob liking Krabby Patties I can believe

SpongeBob FALLING IN LOVE with a Krabby Patty I can't

Plus this episode is actually kinda depressing because it exposes SpongeBob's unnatural obsession with the burger

He's willing to go so far for 'Patty' that he turns his back on all his friends

The writers made the whole "falling in love with food" thing literal

Perhaps THIS is where the show's true decline started and why I've lost interest in it

Dumbest concept I've ever seen for a cartoon

They even copied the plot type for the recent episode "Married to Money" except it was Mr. Krabs in love with money

Rating: 0/10

I have a good idea for a new episode:

"To Love a Clarinet"


Squidward falls in love with his clarinet

The long-awaited sequel to "To Love a Patty" written by Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas


Moby Dollar
Jun 22, 2019
This episode is boring. The episode is a played a little too straight so it just comes off as very uninteresting. I do like some of the jokes and the last two minutes or so, but that's about it.

Mediocre Episode (4.5/10)


May 13, 2020
Weenie Hut Jr's.
Ah, this episode. Probably one of the most infamous episodes in the entire series up to this point, and I have to say... well it's still bad but I don't hate it as much as other people do. The closeups don't really bother me that much, and Spongebob's obsession with this Krabby Patty felt more cringey to me than creepy. My main problem is that it's extremely boring and lacks any substance or comedy of any kind, and the tone of this episode in general just feels off. The song was kinda alright, though it went on for way too long and just felt like filler. Also, Spongebob should NEVER date anyone. Enough said.

Bad episode (3/10)

1. Roller Cowards (10)
2. Spy Buddies (8)
3. Friend or Foe (8)
4. Krabs Ć  La Mode (8)
5. New Digs (7)
6. Bucket Sweet Bucket (7)
7. Night Light (5)
8. Boat Smarts (5)
9. Rise and Shine (5)
10. The Original Fry Cook (5)
11. Good Ol' Whatshisname (4)
12. To Love A Patty (3)
13. Waiting (3)
14. Fungus Among Us (2)


Imitation Krab
Sep 5, 2020
This episode is just creepy af imao. I mean come on why make Spongebob fall in love with a patty? If it was a girl (or boy) there would not be any problem, of course, it is still a bit out of character for Spongebob, but, at least, there would be some logic behind it. This episode is not funny in any way, even though the writers obviously thought it was. Especially him being so emotional about the patty, like it was a real human being is rediculous. I would give it a 1/10