083a. Rise and Shine

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This episode has a creative concept, I never would of guessed that's what Patrick's morning routine is like >_< Still, it's really annoying and he is way too stupid in this episode. 5.3/10


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Dang it, I upped my score for this on the I Had An Accident thread... 7/10 is my final score. No higher.


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E.V.I.L said:
Underrated. This is one of the few times where I thought patricks ridiculous dumbness was funny
Exactly what he said! I happen to really enjoy the episode mainly BECAUSE Patrick's dumbness is hilarious to watch! It's better than Waiting or Fungus Among Us (both episodes that prove to be weak).


Best Character: Patrick!

Best Moment: Oh, I don't know... maybe all of it?! :rolleyes:


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Eh, I'm not a fan of this one because I'm usually not a fan of Patrick's ridiculous stupidity. In some episodes it works really well, like in Life of Crime, but it just didn't work for me here.


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I never thought a 4 minute episode could be this boring. The "Patrick is stupid gags" took way too long; I laughed a bit when he confused the lamp for the alarm clock, but after that no related gags were funny to me. Most of the episode, while it addresses a fairly important idea of what Patrick's morning is like, just wasn't creative. It doesn't take much wit for Patrick to be afraid of an alarm clock or not know how to open a can (when the shelves are full of them), but it does make the viewer annoyed. However once we got over the food gag, Patrick watching TV (a continuity nod to SB watching the anemone) and panicking yet somehow getting his version of ready was funny to watch, as well as that final interaction with SpongeBob. However, that took up about 45 seconds. Final score 5/10

And MMM, Patrick sleeping inside his rock is in keeping with many previous episodes. One that comes to mind is Secret Box, where it becomes a plot point.

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There's really nothing for me to really like or hate about this short so I guess it would be on the same level as "The Donut of Shame" for me. Forgettable but not completely bad or unwatchable and they shortly brought back that show that SpongeBob was watching in "Gary Takes a Bath" so I'll give this ep credit for that. Main reason a lot of these shorts just don't hold up too well is the lack of interesting animation in them. I think that's what gave earlier shorts like Reef Blower a much bigger advantage. 5.5/10


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Season: 5

Episode: Rise and Shine

This short was bad. Patrick's stupidity was flanderized to the point he's almost mentally retarded. There were few funny jokes. 4.5/10


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This episode wasn't...that bad.

Yeah. This episode can be pretty dull and the reoccurring alarm clock gag is kinda stupid but I like this plot because this is the first episode to star Patrick and I like how Spongebob asks Patrick how his morning was and when Patrick says "Oh, the usual." It's actually kind of funny knowing how that is how Patrick wakes up all the time. It's not a good episode but it's not really all that terrible. 5.5/10