082b. Night Light

Weird, stupid episode! I hate this episode so badly, not to mention that freaky face in the freezer! I haven't seen this episode in a long time (since 2009) and don't plan to see it again.

The freezer face is nowhere near bad compared to the rest of this episode. 2/10
Eh it is a really bad plot and a random visit from MM and BB was weird but it was about typical Spongebob 4/10
oh god this episode was just......

\the only one that was good was when Patrick went INTO THE SUN
I actually found this one to be a bit relateable (for the first 3rd, at least), and I’ll explain why. This, to me, was actually the kind of episode that people could relate to because it did cover issues relating to Achluophobia (fear of darkness).

Have you ever heard the saying “You fear what you don’t know”? That saying really does apply to Spongebob’s phobia. He’s afraid of the shadows because he doesn’t know what is in it. That was actually something I could relate to (and even feel his fear) because I myself, am afraid of darkness. Just like him, I don’t know what’s in the darkness, so I am afraid (almost petrified) when I have to enter a dark room, or even go outside when it’s nighttime, even!

I don’t really think that he was simply being cowardly in this episode (at least for the first few minutes). I think he was mostly being naive (again, at least in the first few minutes) and having Achluophobia like most other kids seem to.

You may have noticed that I keep saying that this episode works only for the first few minutes. The reason I say that is mainly because although the episode got off to a good start, the quality simply dies for me as the episode progresses. I mean, come on! Spongebob buys a hundred night lights with Patrick and then we get a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy subplot? Yeah, I have to agree with everyone who hates this episode. It’s just a waste of time and it makes Spongebob and Patrick look stupid. So, in short, this was what could've been a good episode turned into an unnecessary pile of waste!

Rating: 3/10

Worst Character: :wetpaint: and :patrick:

Worst Moment: Everything after the first 3rd of the episode (except maybe the store clerk and Patrick running from the sun)
I don't really like this either. It was confusing and SpongeBob thought he had nightmares while reading the scary book. Patrick thought SpongeBob was celebrating a sleepover at his house without him. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy came there and they were completely dumb in this episode.

My rating for this episode: 4.5/10
I really like this episode. It's one of my favorite post movie episodes.
this to was a great episode.five star rated,two thumbs up way up,100/10,just pure gold.
Oh my God. This is like Shuffleboarding's ancestor though better drawn at least. This almost feels like something out of Season 6 or 7. The story is a sloppy mess and doesnt know what it want to be about and the Mermaid Man scene was completely pointless. Spongebob is pretty annoying too in this episode. Whoever was in charge of editing this story must have been really lazy because this felt like it was originally gonna be two different episodes that had separate storyboards done by different teams but had to be hastily merged together to meet a network deadline. That's my theory anyway. 4/10
Easiest way to fix this episode. Have it set up so that Squidward tells Spongebob an exciting story to help him go back to sleep and make the story about a Spongebob looking superhero fighting crime with a buff Squidward (think Two Faces of Squidward) like sidekick and designed just like young Mermaid Man but yellow with pores or something like that and make that moth villain thing much bigger and epic.

Then for the ending, Spongebob falls asleep and Squidward gets so tired by the time he's done that he falls asleep too laying next to Sb's bed. Patrick or Gary randomly sleepwalks just to fall asleep with them or something out of nowhere like that and it would be somehow tied with Squidward's story. It would be an ep to see that Squidward deep down cares about SB and doesnt completely despise him to the core.
Season: 5

Episode: Night Light

This episode is between bad and decent for me. The plot was very random. I liked the first part. It had few jokes. 5/10