1. FinnDinner

    What are Your Least Favorite Episodes from Pre-Movie?

    What are your least favorite episodes from the Pre-Move Era? In my Pre-Movie Reviewed Series I found a total of 7 bad episodes. Mine, in the order I gave them in are: 1. Squeaky Boots 2. I Was A Teenage Gary 3. Dumped 4. I'm With Stupid 5. Party Pooper Pants 6. The Great Snail Race 7. Krabby...
  2. BackToSpongebob

    This trend is the worst trend ever, and here's why

    I don't understand what this strange trend is all about, can someone explain it to me? :sbdisappointed: :wut:
  3. My Top 23 Episodes of SpongeBob Season 10 [Interactive]

    Lol no reviews here
  4. SBM is trash!

    SBM is trash!
  5. FaLaLaLaLa Un-i-ver-rse

    Top 100 best AND worst spongebob episodes

    The title explains itself 100. Toilets and townsfolk that get very tortured The latter is bad but it's better than some turds
  6. SBM is trash!

    lol no reviews here get lost
  7. My Top 10 Best and Worst Episodes of Season 8

    tl;dr this is a middle of the road season with a few high and low points but was mostly boring.
  8. TheSpongeWhoCan'tFly

    What's the worst "Patrick-based" episode

    It's really a pain to watch one of the best characters of the show, become possibly the absolute worst. Why is he so bad? Well, he went from a very funny comic relief that would always make us laugh, to a bully. When he is a jerk, it is hard to look at him the same way. When he is an idiot now...
  9. TheSpongeWhoCan'tFly

    Best and Worst Patchy Segments

    Patchy Segments. Some segments hold special places in our hearts. However there are also segments that make you want to stop watching the episode. Keep in mind while you vote, the choices on the list are episodes that have Patchy in the episode for a reasonable amount of time, unlike his 2...
  10. Flabby Patty

    Worst Season 5 Episode

    Inspired by this thread in the Krabby Land board, I am compiling a competition to see what is the worst episode of the show's fifth season by the process of elimination by YOU! Now don't get me wrong, this season isn't bad by any means. I just want to have some fun and see what everybody says is...
  11. Worst Ways to End a SpongeBob Episode

    Try and think of the worst ways to end an episode that could either be a nitpick or something that could ruin the entire thing, like in Nautical Novice where SpongeBob gets finally gets his license but is soon to be yanked away from him at the last second, or in Cephalopod Lodge, where Squidward...
  12. toasterstrutel

    Rank your favorite seasons!

    Tell the world how you rank the spongebob seasons. Mine: 1. Season 2 2. Season 3 3. Season 1 4. Season 4 5. Season 5 6. Nine 7. Eight 8. 6 9. 7
  13. Cupofjoe

    Worst cartoon ever made in your opinion?

    I would say for me, Fanboy and Chum Chum. The characters look high and obnoxious to me, the theme song is awful, and the whole show was never funny and didn't make sense at all. I have no idea why this show is still airing new episodes.
  14. goodmorning

    goodmorning's Top 30 Worst Spongebob Episodes

    in honor of my 100th post,i am finally making a list. plus,these are my very first written reviews. i have written the very first reviews,and i love doing these. i may or may not do a top 30 best episodes. by the way,please keep in mind that this list is my opinion. i am not insulting your...
  15. GordokTheMad

    The Worst Episodes of Any Show You've Ever Seen?

    I know there's already a topic like this, but I wanted to revive it without bumping the other one, so what are some of the worst TV show episodes you've ever seen? I have a few of my own: Seahorse Seashell Party (Family Guy), Fart Baby (Sanjay and Craig), It's A Wishful LIfe (Fairly...
  16. GordokTheMad

    Gordok's Bottom 37 Spongebob Episodes

    Hello, everyone. While the 25 Worst/Best list is still running, I'm making a new list to keep you all occupied in the process. This was inspired by Mr Enter's Animated Atrocities Note Pages, so I decided to make some myself. Now, I've made a note page for EVERY Spongebob episode I have a real...
  17. SBM is trash!

    Stupid really old countdown don’t continue
  18. SBM is trash!

    SBM is trash!
  19. SBM is trash! (First Post)

    Archiving because first ever post:
  20. GordokTheMad

    SBM's Top 25 Worst/Best Spongebob Episodes

    Greetings to SBM users everywhere! A while ago, I had made a Fan Edition of the Top 20 Worst Spongebob Episodes. This time around, however, I’m here to release a 2nd Fan Edition! Is it another Top 20? Nope. In fact, this is actually a Top 50, sort of. This here is a two-part countdown, the first...