1. Nicktoonsummersplash2001

    Nick’s eccentric art you may or may not care about

    Yeah, yeah I make weird art as well... thought about showing it some time and now I decided to show it to this place... here’s a little sketch I made that I’ll finish soon... still trying to do some adjustments to it...
  2. a_load_of_barnacles

    Weird SpongeBob Videos

    There is this guy on YouTube that makes these really weird SpongeBob animations. Here is one of them:
  3. BrickSponge2015

    Something weird I thought of...

    What if SpongeBob's more mature than we think, but acts more child-like around Patrick so Pat can understand him more? Here's some evidence: "Are you gonna listen to me, or some big dummy?" "Uh..." from Hooky. SpongeBob refuses to admit that he knows how dumb Patrick is. In The Secret Box...
  4. GordokTheMad

    Nyan Krabs Obey Nyan Krabs. He wants MOAR rainbow cookies!
  5. GordokTheMad

    Gordok's Top 10 Craziest Episodes of All Time

    Yes, I am going to start a Top 10 Silliest Spongebob Episodes. As we all know, Spongebob is a funny, lighthearted cartoon that has some interesting, sensible plots (as well as clever humor). But what about the episodes that are made for the sole purpose of being ridiculously weird and silly...