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  1. SpongeBob PC Games

    I decided to install Operation Krabby Patty from a four pack of SpongeBob games I have on PC and play it about an hour ago, it was pretty fun! After that intense play session (not really :sweat: ) I thought to myslef, "I wonder what SBM thinks of these games? Welp, time to post a topic!" and...
  2. Nick Arcade Nostalgia

    The SpongeBob Obstacle Odyssey thread has remind me of something. Nick Arcade. Share any nostalgic memories or experiences you had with Nick Arcade here. Times were simpler. Playing SpongeBob games on our PC for an hour as a free trial, but never buying them... :/ Huh, I never bought these...

    Which one has aged better? Dreamcast/GameCube Era Sonic or PlayStation 2/GameCube Era SpongeBob?

    Okay, guys. I asked this before on somewhere else unrelated, but since different opinions exist all over the web, I decided to see what you guys have to say or think. Which era of these two series have aged better in comparison to the other? Dreamcast Sonic or GameCube SpongeBob? This can...
  4. FinnDinner

    Paper Mario

    What do you think of the series? Do you play Paper Mario? I love Paper Mario and pretty much every Mario RPG, here's what I think of all the games: Paper Mario: Awesome! (The beginning and my personal favorite, it's not the best, but has a lot of charm as an RPG) Paper Mario The Thousand Year...
  5. Bubble Boy

    Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom [Beta Stuff]

    Anyway, i'm sure some of you heard about beta content for this game, and may have saw the early footage reel. However, there's still 1 level left we need to get completely working. Early goo lagoon. In the files for BFBB, there is 2 folders in the goo lagoon flies. the 1st one is "new folder"...
  6. What discontinued game console do you have?

    We have the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U. I used to have a GameBoy Advance, but I threw it out of the window.
  7. CheesePudding

    What do you think of The lost Spatula?

    What do you think of the first SpongeBob game? I heard that it got ether mixed reviews or mediocre reviews, so I want to know what you guys think about it!
  8. FormerSpongeBobFan

    R.I.P Splatoon Splatfests

    You think they'll return when Splatoon Switch gets released in 2017? (I was shocked that there was a SpongeBob Versus Patrick Splatfest!)
  9. Mr. Parrot

    What is your favorite video games?

    My favorite video games are Creature from the Krusty Krab and Nicktoons Racing.
  10. Underrated Video Game Soundtracks

    Personally I think the Spongebob: Globs of Doom DS Soundtrack is underrated
  11. XOctoGirlX

    I finally beat it!

    I finally beat Super Metroid. Sure I used a code not to die and for missles, but I finally beat the game. i'm so glad too. Now I just need to beat the Jurassic Park one. ^_^
  12. Krystalite

    A Virtual Reality Theme Park is coming!

    I'm surprised nobody posted a topic about this yet. ._. Anyways, The Void is a new theme park that will be virtual reality and it will be located in Utah. It's coming in Summer 2016 FYI. Here's a link to their website: What do you guys think about this? Personally, I'm...
  13. Animal Crossing

    Do you play any of the games? I only have the handheld games so far. I recommend this game if you haven't played it.
  14. Zippy Zafara

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Anyone?

    Maybe some of you guys have heard of this game, especially since it isn't the first in the franchaise. New Leaf is the fourth installment of the series and it gives a new spin on the game. You are a mayor of your town rather than just a villager! This gives you more freedom to play the game...
  15. GordokTheMad

    Share your Spore Creatures!

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure exactly where to put this, but here it is! This is where you can share your creations (buildings, creatures, vehicles, etc.) from the wonderful video game, Spore! You can even add descriptions to your creations if you want! :D Here are some of mine: These are a...