squidward tentacles

  1. Grapey

    SpongeBob Fanon Halloween Party

    Hey guys! Grapey here. Halloween's just around the corner, and I think it would be a cool idea if I were to host a HALLOWEEN party, full of roleplays, discussions about SpongeBob episodes, games, and so much more. Everyone's invited, and it's going to take place ALL OCTOBER! If you would like to...
  2. XOctoGirlX

    Colored Version Of My Last Pic

    What the title says:
  3. XOctoGirlX

    Some Romantic Squidward Sketches

    Some romantic pics of Squidward and I <3
  4. XOctoGirlX

    The Lounger

    Drew and colored this by computer. I'm glad it turned out so well as it did.