1. Spongeo

    What everyday items do you want to see Spongeified?

    I would want to see a SpongeBob TV, coffee machine, and spatula (if they haven't made one yet!)
  2. Spongeo

    Royal Baby..It's a boy!

    According to the news at 4:24pm GMT Duchess Catherine gives birth to a baby boy! <3 Its nice to see a new generation of the royal family and in like 60 years this baby will be the king!Name coming soon! Blue for the boy! Whoops I think I put this in the wrong topic
  3. Spongeo

    Rabbids Invasion Nicks new series

    I saw a commercial today of Nicks new series Rabbids Invasion premiering August 3rd 11:30am http://nickalive.blogspot.com/2013/06/ubisoft-announces-partnership-with.html?m=1 Read all about it above! I might see it looks creepy :)
  4. Spongeo

    The Everyday Life of Squidward Tentacles (TELOST)

    Ok everyone I made a fanfic of Squidward (my first fanfic!) the title sounds boring but it is basically everyday adventures of Squidward! (Note: I am in the middle of a better Squidward fanfic so I am showing you this one) This fanfic is PG so its not inappropriate for anyone here...
  5. Spongeo

    What not to do at a stoplight essay

    Basically you post what not to do at a stoplight so SB can finish his essay! Me first 1. Don't run with a broom
  6. Spongeo

    Why Florida is better than you think.(Guide to the greater FL)

    Everyone says Florida is Overrated, Hot all the time and nothing much to do. So I am going to prove (with the help of my cat) that Florida is not as bad as you think. 1.Its Cliché but Florida actually has great beaches but it depends on where you are at! The atlantic side (Miami, Jacksonville)...
  7. Spongeo

    Grade the last resteraunt you were at

    Well as much as I know no one has made this topic yet if someone did sorry I can't find Post the resteraunt than the grade it out of 10 Texas Roadhouse 9/10
  8. Spongeo

    America's 50 worst states according to Gawker

    I find this a bit mean to America and offended some of you but it is really detailed and has some points 50 meaning best state 1 meaning worst state I am really shocked about # 50 and 1 #12 (this guy is Anti-Florida) :/ http://gawker.com/5831724/the-worst-50-states-in-america
  9. Spongeo

    The Haunted Hathaways July 13th 8:30 pm EST

    So apparently Nick is picking up a this series and its Pilot is coming July 13 2013 8:30pm EST "The Haunted Hathaways is Nick’s newest sitcom. Created by Robert Peacock (Reba) and exec produced by Boyce Bugliari and Jamie McLaughlin, Hathaways will tell the stories of a mother (Ginifer King)...
  10. Spongeo

    Urban, Suburb, or Rural? ( Where your living now and liking to live in)

    Well I am hoping this is in the right place but anyway I live in Rural ( but born in Suburb) I like to live in Suburb again!
  11. Spongeo

    More proof of Spandy

    Some of you might know of this from SBU but it is proof for Spandy ( sorry if in wrong section idk which one it should be in)
  12. Spongeo

    Do you think any other Nicktoon will run as long as Spongebob Squarepants?

    I think there will be one when Spongebob ends later in the future...
  13. Spongeo

    Favorite Nicktoon besides SB

    We all love SB but I am curious to know what is your favorite Nicktoon besides SB? Mine is probably Hey Arnold!
  14. Spongeo

    What if the main character was someone diffrent?

    What if the main character was someone like Squidward or Patrick? How do you think the show would have been different to you and your life?
  15. Spongeo

    Spongeo Sketches

    Well since everyone is doing I am too but mine is for a grade I got accepted to HS credit art and this is my art assignment over the summer: over the summer out of the 50 page sketch you do as much as you can and present it to the class next year. I can't wait to show them this!! Note: My...
  16. Spongeo

    Squidward for President 2016!

    I vote yes!!
  17. Spongeo

    What I received today..

    My sister ( Hello it's Patrick!) and my dad got this from Mississippi they know me so well!
  18. Spongeo

    Would you rather spongebob edition

    So you know would you rather well now there is a spongebob edition! I will start... Would you rather Eat the pie from Dying for pie or eat a chum which?
  19. Spongeo

    This will ruin your childhood.

    I was scared when I found out!
  20. Spongeo

    Spongebob themed alphabet game!

    So you guys know the letter game well it's the same but for each letter it has to be spongebob related like in the show or show names etc. and when we reach Z we start over I will start. Artist Unknown