1. ExtraAbsorbent

    Fanmade SpongeBob Widescreen intro!

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x41roja_spongebob-widescreen-intro-fanmade_tv I made this curious to what the intro would look like in widescreen using Camtasia Studio. :P
  2. Nicktoonsummersplash2001

    The Spongetrix (2003 Nicktoon short)

    First, we had Astrology with Squidward shorts on nicktoons, and then we had...The spongetrix... So far, it's known as a CGI-like short from 2003 on Nicktoons. It reminds me ALOT of the Operation Krabby patty cutscenes. And yeah, I know lost media wiki knows too.
  3. Nicktoonsummersplash2001

    Extended version of war blowers? (Spongebob music)

    Greetings! As the title states, There's an extended version of one of the spongebob tracks composed by the blue hawaiians - "War blowers." To be more specific, The title card for episode 3A, "Jellyfishing" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONcR0cN5Ujk A part of the extended version can be heard...
  4. Nicktoonsummersplash2001

    Anyone remember this game from Nick.com back in 2002?

    Anyone remember playing this back in 2002 on Nick.com? I do.
  5. Nicktoonsummersplash2001

    Spongebob's Nicktoon summer splash music identification

    Hi, I'm trying to identify the track that plays in this promo for the N.S.S I rem finding it on a website back in 2014, but forgot which link it is. Can someone help? Here's the promo that plays the track - http://www.sbmania.net/spongebob-clips-133-SpongeBob's-Nicktoon-Summer-Splash-Promo.
  6. Spongebob is awesome

    Why is season 2 considered the best?

    Just curious.
  7. iedasb

    Valentine's day Spandy drawing!

    Happy Valentine's day everyone!
  8. iedasb

    SpongeBob LongPants fanart

    Man... You don't know how I love these type of pants... New SpongeBob episode in 15 february 2016... Loving it already. I should have made other background... Oh well Really hope to see Sandy in this episode, pretty sure she will not appear :/
  9. Honest Slug

    Seasons best to worst

    How would you list the seasons? Here is what I think. 2>3>1>5>4>9>8>6>7 Tough call between 6 and 7 but I find myself watching the season 6 DVD more. Keep in mind just because it's listed as one of the worst doesn't mean you have to think it's bad, for example I have season 9 as the fourth...
  10. Pyreflies of MJ

    Is SpongeBob aromantic? (Squid/Bob related)

    So, I got to thinking. In my previous musings, it would seem I stereotyped SpongeBob. I made the assumption that, because he is so touchy-feely, mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey, stuck-up-your-butt- affectionate, I thought he was probably a romantic asexual. But now that I really think about it again...
  11. Honest Slug

    Things you like about episodes you dislike

    This topic is pretty simple what are things you like about episodes you don't care for? I hate Truth or Square but I do like that they made the episode HD, the animated intro is nice, and I think the song near the beginning is very good.
  12. Voldemario

    Character(s) YOU relate to!

    Are there any characters YOU relate to? By relate, I mean characters that have similar qualities to you. For example, I relate to BOTH SpongeBob and Squidward. Like SpongeBob, I enjoy having fun, I can be annoying at times and I can be pretty dumb. Like Squidward, I LOVE tea and a good book...
  13. Why was "Mermain Man & Barnacle Boy II" originally called "25 Words or Less"?

    See here: https://web.archive.org/web/20000303002335/http://nick.com/docs/tv/shows/p264t4c1.tin It's also listed as an alternate title in the Big Cartoon Database. I know it's the name of a board game in real life but I don't see the connection.
  14. SterBob

    Stephen Hillenburg is a fan of Cartoon Network?

    Apparently Stephen Hillenburg has a Twitter account, and if you look through his list of people he's following, almost all them are people who worked on Regular Show, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and even Cartoon Network itself. www.twitter.com/StevenHBurg And yes this is his real account...
  15. Honest Slug

    Best Season 9 Year

    Season 9 has lasted a long time and is still going, what year do you guys think had the best season 9 episodes? 2012 Extreme Spots Squirrel Record Patrick-Man Gary's New Toy License to Milkshake Squid Baby Bumper to Bumper Eek, An Urchin! 2013 Little Yellow Book Squid Defense Jailbreak Evil...
  16. Merry Christmas By Youtube :)

  17. Hi Guys This is my Video with Spongy

    Do You like it? Spongy Win! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ewJ_1kI_LY
  18. NailsWithOutAnyMilk

    Who Are Your Favorite Crew Members?

    I was wondering, who are your guy's favorite Spongebob crew members. Who's work on the show did you enjoy the most. Me personally, I love any episode that had C.H. Greenblatt working on it. A shout out to Aaron Springer as well as he directed most of the episodes that C.H. Greenblatt worked on...
  19. Spongebob Latin Fandub

    Hi there, fellow Spongebob enthusiasts! Spongebob has been my favorite cartoon for many years, and I'm also a huge fan of the Latin language. So, I figured, why not combine the two? I'm hosting auditions for a Latin fandub of Spongebob Squarepants! Absolutely NO prior knowledge of Latin is...
  20. Bobbybroccoli

    Spongebob: Truth or Square (a videogame) review!

    Hi everyone, I'm excited to present the 1 year anniverssary sequel video of my Battle for Bikini Bottom review. This review covers all three Spongebob games made by Heavy Iron Studios, ending the trilogy. Please leave any feedback! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGLmdUCLrPk...