sponge out of water

  1. CannedBread

    Sponge Out of Water CannedBread's Review of Sponge Out of Water.

    Original review on Letterboxd : https://boxd.it/1xUYBN "This movie is everything I could wish for in a film about a animated sea sponge. This film has so much comedy, action, and just such intresting scenes, that are complimented by the color pallet of the underwater scenery. One great example...
  2. SterBob

    Do you think SpongeBob should have more recognizable pop culture refferences?

    "Is this Pizza Castle? Oh Hey Mario" "Hello Plankton...COME AND PLAY WITH US...Hurry...before we meeeeeelt..." Gosh, those rare occasions where SpongeBob has pop culture references from things most people actually know about is just so hilarious! I don't really want SpongeBob to have Mr.Krabs...
  3. SterBob

    Do you think there is more to Bubbles the talking Dolphin?

    I don't know why but ever since I saw Sponge Out Of Water, I've always felt that there is more to Bubbles than what they showed us in the movie. It looked like they just put him there to hint at a possible sequel. I also thought the cutscenes in SpongeBob HeroPants were interesting because it...
  4. SuperFunkySushiMonkey

    Would you watch the movie in 2D or 3D?

    It's rare to see anything hand-drawn in theaters nowadays, and it's even more rare to see hand-drawn animation in 3D! So, would you watch 'Sponge Out of Water' in 2D or 3D?