1. Something I've just realized

    NOTE: These are arranged by their original release (because all the season DVD's before the single era (season DVD as one whole case) have been re-released as a single DVD (with the flipping disc thingy)) There is 3 season DVD"s in each era (yet it is unconfirmed with season 9 yada yada we've...
  2. What do you think is the most unexpected moment?

    For me, it would have be the ending of Sharks vs Pods.
  3. Best Spongebob Screams

    What do you guys think is the best screams of Spongebob? This is mine.
  4. Episode order error on Hulu

    Says it all.
  5. Is it me or does this comic remind me of Face Freeze?

    This comic seems very similar to the episode "Face Freeze." Because in the actual episode, Mr. Krabs tells Spongebob and Patrick not to make any faces, but due to it being very hard to resist, they makes faces and gets it frozen in the progress. In the comic, Spongebob and Patrick tries to...
  6. Richard Pursel is returning, are you excited?

    Tell me if you're excited that he is returning. :)
  7. Jokes on Spongebob that you can't explain how it worked.

    I'm starting a new topic that involves jokes on Spongebob that managed to be very funny, for example, like the old fish getting beaten up by the gullible fish people from The Bully.
  8. Assuming the production year of each season.

    Season 1 (1998-1999)- The first episode premiered in May, 1999, and production takes 6 month, so it might have been made back in 1998. And it must have ended in the near-end of 1999, due to Hooky/Mermaidman II premiering in April, 2000. Season 2 (1999? or 2000?-2001)- The episode's easter eggs...
  9. The most strangest moment in a Spongebob episode.

    Hey guys, Happy New Year 2017 :salute: , What do you think is the weirdest scene you've ever seen in a Spongebob episode?
  10. Why do people hate 3-D computer coloring on Spongebob?

    I heard mention about 3-D computer coloring, and hating it in the results, WHAT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN digital ink and paint, and 3-D computer coloring, I don't notice any differences, can anyone tell me what's the problem?
  11. Grossest Face of Season 4-8

    What's the grossest face you've ever seen in Season 4-8? (Mine: The original scrapped Naked Sandy, :eek: gracious!)
  12. q543frodomar

    Best Season 7 episode?

    Let's face it: Season 7 is the most hated season. I hate it, too, although I think Pet Sitter Pat is worse than 1CM and APFG. Don't get me wrong: I hate those episodes. But this season DID have some good episodes. What's your favorite season 7 episode? Mine is The Abrasive Side. I liked it...
  13. TheJasbre202

    "Jellyfishing" and "Hall Monitor" remastered / re-animation

    Like JJMOD5454 I am doing HD episodes of SpongeBob. Stills below, and I am getting help from him too! (still from Jellyfishing below)
  14. Flabby Patty

    Worst Season 5 Episode

    Inspired by this thread in the Krabby Land board, I am compiling a competition to see what is the worst episode of the show's fifth season by the process of elimination by YOU! Now don't get me wrong, this season isn't bad by any means. I just want to have some fun and see what everybody says is...
  15. Favorite Season?

    Hiya SBMers What's your favorite time of year? For me, it's Summer (escpically early June) because warm weather and no school, yum.
  16. SpongyDevotee

    Season 1 and 2 Comparison

    Hey everyone, I will be doing a SpongeBob Season 1 and 2 comparison topic. :) I will be comparing each episode from season 1 and season 2, and then I'll see which one I find better or worse, and the better episode pair gets a point towards the season. I got inspired to do this by GordokTheMad's...
  17. toasterstrutel

    Rank your favorite seasons!

    Tell the world how you rank the spongebob seasons. Mine: 1. Season 2 2. Season 3 3. Season 1 4. Season 4 5. Season 5 6. Nine 7. Eight 8. 6 9. 7
  18. SBM is trash!

    SBM is trash!
  19. Season 4 lost Hillenburg Episodes

    Now do you know why season 4 is such a mixed bag? Well, the only terrible episodes seem to be Good Neighbors and All That Glitters, a tiny bit more are meh to bad. However, most are good enough to go into season 3. Why? Partly because some were cut for time and remade for this season. Here are...
  20. BrickSponge2015

    List every season from best to worst

    Title says all. Really, that's all there is to it. Here are mine: 2,1,3,8,9,4,6,7,5 Really, Season 6 is my 7th favorite season.