season 8

  1. TheLocalAquatic

    How Would You Rank The Runaway Roadtrip Episodes?

    My first topic in the SpongeBob forum! Yay! As the title says, how would you rank Season 8's SpongeBob's Runaway Roadtrip episodes? My ranking: 1. Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation 2. Walking The Plankton 3. Patrick's Staycation 4. Mooncation 5. A SquarePants Family Vacation
  2. q543frodomar

    Least Favorite Season

    Hello there, and I'm Gamecubesarecool193 with another poll! This time, I'm here to know your least favorite season! My least favorite season is Season 5 because of the lack of good episodes. Most of the bad episodes are REALLY bad.
  3. Greek Chorus

    Kelpy Ranks Season 8

    Yeah, yeah, I know people have done this before. But you know? It looked fun, so I wanted to take my own stab at it. Since I've been seeing a lot of Season 8 lately, it's the season I decided to go with. Without further ado... KELPY RANKS SPONGEBOB SEASON 8 #47. Alright, so kicking off the...
  4. My Top 10 Best and Worst Episodes of Season 8

    tl;dr this is a middle of the road season with a few high and low points but was mostly boring.
  5. TheSpongeWhoCan'tFly

    Overall thoughts on Season 8

    I was just thinking back to season 8 recently (probably because PieGuyRulz's next SpongeBob seasonal review is season 8). I was wondering, what do you people think about season 8. Is it good? Is it bad? Meh? I think it's meh imo. Do you have a favorite episode and a least favorite episode...
  6. Original Raw and Uncut

    Season 8's stiff animation

    What's up with the very stiff animation in season eight? I know the show never made the switch to flash, it's been Hand-Drawn and then colored by computers since season 2. Did the animators get lazy that season, since most shows get stiffer animation as they go on. S8 animation is just so stiff...
  7. ataeaf

    Best Post-Movie (S4+) 32 Tournament

    Here's what we're gonna do? We will vote for five to ten of our favorite episodes from seasons 4 and later (S4 tends to be considered the last good season, but for the purposes of this game it will be all post-movie episodes) until we have 64 episodes. You may use episodes others have voted for...
  8. Original Raw and Uncut

    Why was there an overlap between seasons 8 and 9?

    Does anybody know why the first couple episodes of season 9 aired before the last few episodes of season 8?
  9. Original Raw and Uncut

    Season 8 animation

    As we know season 8 is the last Sb season ever to be aired and produced in standard-definiton. In my opinion season 8s animation is a hybrid between S7 and S9s. It has the designs of S7 and it moves like S9. The colors can also get bright at times, but nowhere near as bright as S6. For some odd...
  10. Master WhoBruh

    Best Post-Movie Episodes of SpongeBob

    There may be an topic like this but It's probably an old topic. Anyway, what are the best post-movie episodes that you've ever seen? These episodes are some of my favorites: Krusty Towers (I think many people will say this episode first) Wishing You Well Have You Seen This Snail? Roller...
  11. The Guy With the Computer

    Squidwardisawesome22's top 20 favorite post-film episodes!

    I know twenty is a short number, but out of all, I thought twenty was the perfect number. I should put the honorable mentions: Eek! An Urchin! Mooncation Mermaid Man Begins Chum Bucket Supreme Squidward in Clarinetland Tunnel of Glove Jailbreak! Selling Out So, see you at number 20.
  12. I grade and review each Season 8 episode

    Accidents Will Happen. This episode is the first Season 8 episode. It aired July 18, 2011. If you ask me this was a bad start to Season 8. It is not cause of Squid Abuse. It is cause how Squidward was sort of a jerk. Now Mr. Krabs does all this stuff for Squidward. Now I am sure that most of you...
  13. The Guy With the Computer

    Charles' Bottom 60 episodes (as of currently)

    Yes, I will finish my top 117, just calm down. Hello, it's Charles D here, to countdown my 60 least favorite episodes! Like a lot of people, I loved the show's beginning. Around the middle of season 4, though, I felt the show's downfall. The show went uphill again in the middle of season 8...
  14. Wumbologist

    179a. Extreme Spots

    179a Apparently, this episode is okay in my opinion.