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season 11

  1. Tyler730

    What Are Your Top and Bottom 5 of Season 11?

    So what are your Top and Bottom 5 episodes of Season 11? Here’s mine Best 5. Chatterbox Gary - Another funny episode with a unique plot. Gary insulting Squidward’s House was gold and Squidward gets proper punishment at the end. 4. Grandmum's the Word - A solid sequel to its mediocre...
  2. hippythehippo

    Every Season 11 Episode Reviewed (Interactive)

    Hello all, hippythehippo, your least favorite sbm member :sbgrin: back again with an ambitious project. I want to get to know some of you guys better since I am new to the site, and since season 11 has such a divided response, why not do a review on every season 11 episode. My format is similar...
  3. TheJasbre202

    November, 2017 - Premieres Discussion

    During the first full week of November, we will be getting a new segment of SpongeBob every weekday at 4:00 pm CST. They've done this before with May 2016 and July 2016. Usually these weeks of premieres have a segment per day, maybe because they don't wanna air 5 episodes off the bat and just do...
  4. Michael Scott

    Writers, Here's How To Make Spongebob Great Again

    As you may know if you saw my Season 9B vs Season 10 topic, I LOVE Season 9B. However, I think Season 10 is really mediocre. Quoting what I said there: If I could give advice to the writers on how to improve the show and bring it back to the quality it was in 9B, it would be this: 1: Bring...
  5. 218a. Spin the Bottle

    Synopsis: "Plankton poses as a wish-granting genie in his latest scheme to get the secret formula." I don't know how popular the desire for this episode to be a shipper's paradise of kissing was, because I'd love that for how different it'd be, but I guess having a Spandy moment is too much for...
  6. TheJasbre202

    Best Post-Sequel Episodes! (Season 9B-11; 2015-19)

    Today we are going to list our favorites in the post-sequel era of SpongeBob, which as we all noticed, that post-sequel is like seasons 4 and 1-3. My favorites of the era so far are: -- "Lost in Bikini Bottom" - An amazing Season 3 (look a) like episode with boards by Bob Camp!! -- "Pull...