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  1. MattTheSpongeFanatic

    Reverse SpongeBob Episodes: Season 1

    What if each SpongeBob episode was reversed? Hopefully I will be able to make this a series. I'll start with Season 1, of course. If you have any questions or comments about this please reply! *Remember that these plots are jokes, do not take them too seriously.* Help Wanted: SpongeBob needs...
  2. MattTheSpongeFanatic

    Every Episode But With a Different Plot (Season 1)

    Basically Same Title, Different Plot, except I come up with different plots for every single episode. This is Part 1, where I create new plots for episodes in Season 1. If you don't have a lot of time to read the plots read "Ripped Pants", "Sandy's Rocket", "Suds", "The Paper", and "Arrgh!"...
  3. Grapey

    I gave season 1 and 2 SB season 6 cheeks

  4. Shelly of Mollusca

    Whereabouts of series bible

    I'll see snippets of SpongeBob series bible here and there, but what's the main source for all of it? Is there a place where I can find most of it? I know I've seen a few bits of it in the special features of the season 1 DVD box set. Any info would be appreciated <3
  5. MattTheSpongeFanatic

    In Hooky, Was Mr. Krabs Scaring SpongeBob right?

    I just thought of this- in the episode Hooky, SpongeBob and Patrick both play with hooks even though Mr. Krabs warns them not to. However, SpongeBob ignores him, which prompts Mr. Krabs and Squidward to use a hook to scare SpongeBob into thinking he has been hooked. SpongeBob thinks he is...
  6. MimicMadness

    What is the worst season of the pre-movie era?

    What is the worst season of the pre-movie era?
  7. MimicMadness

    The Third Custom DVD Profile

    I know there's already a thread and it's not locked but I wanted to step in. Also, the collector's editon DVD would be a two-disc collection with different episodes. 7 for each disc! HERE IT IS! WHAT'S MY NAME? Disc 1 1. Mimic Madness 2. F.U.N 3. InSPONGEiac 4. Cave Dwelling Sponge 5. The...

    Show News Best dream episode

    Dream episodes are my favourite type of episodes in cartoons, because with dreams you can go inside the mind of the characters and dream episodes can be incredibly imaginative, because they're, you know, dreams. Here's what I think of each SpongeBob dream episode: - Sleepy Time is my...
  9. Spongebubble06

    I need your help

    I need people to make these images into uncropped & unstretched 16:9.
  10. Home Sweet Pineapple Sped-Up Phone Call Revealed

    In the scene where SpongeBob's house is shrinking and he calls Squidward on his shellphone, there is a sped-up portion we couldn't identify, but now we can thanks to various audio software, and Youtube can slow down videos now. SpongeBob actually said this... "Squidward help me. My house is...
  11. spongegiy

    Does anyone know what's up with this "original" Tea at the Treedome title card?

    I noticed that this had popped up on the Spongebob Wikia, and it's allegedly the "original" title card for Tea at the Treedome before it was changed to the final one during production, but there are no sources and no mention of where this title card is actually from. Is it shown in a feature on...
  12. mythix super saiyan 4

    make a pieguyrulz scumbob episode good season 1 and 3 (revived)

    we'll try to see the worst pieguyrulz scumbob episode by playing this game each episode starts off as 0 good points when it gets 10 it becomes a good episode you say the episode you want to add a good point to and it gets one good point you can only vote once every and the 1 remaining aka an...
  13. Um, guys... This looks like Season 2

    Guys and gals, this part of a Season 1 episode Jellyfish Jam looks like digital ink and paint. The colors looks a little bit bright, and it actually looks more lighter.
  14. q543frodomar

    Least Favorite Season

    Hello there, and I'm Gamecubesarecool193 with another poll! This time, I'm here to know your least favorite season! My least favorite season is Season 5 because of the lack of good episodes. Most of the bad episodes are REALLY bad.
  15. FaLaLaLaLa Un-i-ver-rse

    Ranking season 1 of spongebob

    S1: Atrocity 41. I was a teenage gary Bad 40. The paper 39. Walking small 38. Nature pants Meh 37. Squeaky boots 36. Sandys rocket 35. Musclebob buffpants 34. Mermaid man and barnacle boy 33. Home sweet pineapple 32. Squidward, the unfriendly ghost 31. Employee of the month 30. Tea at the...
  16. SBM is trash!

    lol no reviews here get lost
  17. MrColeslaw

    SpongeBob's Look Over The Years

    Since, I'm home all day today, I figure I might as well start a topic relating to SpongeBob's design. There was a thread on this a little less than a year ago, but I didn't want to bump it. And to be honest, the thread wasn't really about his changes; just pictures drawn by fans depicting the...
  18. MrColeslaw

    iTunes HD

    It seems that Season 1 of SpongeBob has been released on iTunes in HD. I'll probably be buying this soon just to see if there is a major differences from the DVDs. They're probably remastered. I honestly doubt they just upscaled them without any restoration. Then again, Nickelodeon is kind of...
  19. toasterstrutel

    toasterstrutel's top 100 season 1-3 spongebob episodes

    Pretty self-explanatory
  20. Best Season 1 episode

    First I will put all the Season 1 episode up then you pick one you want off the list and I take it off. Help Wanted Reef Blowers Tea at the Treedome Bubble Stand Ripped Pants Jellyfishing Plankton!SB-129 Naughty Natutical Neighbors Boating School Pizza Delivery Home Sweet Pineapple MM&BB 1...