1. Grapey

    SpongeBob Fanon Halloween Party

    Hey guys! Grapey here. Halloween's just around the corner, and I think it would be a cool idea if I were to host a HALLOWEEN party, full of roleplays, discussions about SpongeBob episodes, games, and so much more. Everyone's invited, and it's going to take place ALL OCTOBER! If you would like to...
  2. Barg N' Mart Lou

    Spongebob Discord Server

    Come join this new discord server I made to discuss anything spongebob related and to get news and information about spongebob! have fun! (Now Hiring: looking for mods)
  3. My Signatures

    Guys and gals, what do you think of my signature, the 1st one was made a couples of week ago, the 2nd one was made just a few days ago. What do you think of these?
  4. CapTon

    Hello, SBMania

    Hey guys :). New here to SBMania. Found the site after I heard some old writers might be coming back to Spongebob. I'm mainly interested in sports, computers, TV, video games, and reading/writing :P a geek for the most part. Hope I get to meet plenty of new people here! May be coming off as a...
  5. TheOneAndOnly543

    SpongeBob NEEDS more HD + Widescreen wallpapers!

    If your good at drawing + u have a DeviantArt account, or u just found an awesome wallpaper (not using Google) post a really cool HD wallpaper of SpongeBob! I really like this one! You may have seen it before, but isn't it cool?! This one is 1600 by 900 pixels. Think u can top this?! Rules...
  6. TheOneAndOnly543

    Are you a casual or hardcore SpongeBob fan?

    I think that I am in between...but leaning a little more to the casual side...I think I always have been. I like every episode including the movie, but I only own a few SpongeBob things such as: -SpongeBob Movie DVD -SpongeBob Movie Game for Gamecube. -SpongeBob Plug N Play Game -SpongeBob...