1. CannedBread

    Sponge Out of Water CannedBread's Review of Sponge Out of Water.

    Original review on Letterboxd : "This movie is everything I could wish for in a film about a animated sea sponge. This film has so much comedy, action, and just such intresting scenes, that are complimented by the color pallet of the underwater scenery. One great example...
  2. hippythehippo

    Every Season 11 Episode Reviewed (Interactive)

    Hello all, hippythehippo, your least favorite sbm member :sbgrin: back again with an ambitious project. I want to get to know some of you guys better since I am new to the site, and since season 11 has such a divided response, why not do a review on every season 11 episode. My format is similar...
  3. Plankton284

    Plankton's Reviews

    Hey guys, since I'm quite new to this forum, I decided to review one of my all-time favorite SpongeBob episodes, "SquidWard the Unfriendly Ghost". Let me first start off by saying that the title of this episode is a awesome reference to a cartoon. Which is quite cool and rare for a SpongeBob...


    Hey there! I am going to do SB DVD reviews with my SB DVD collection! Enjoy! NOTE: Not in order
  5. GordokTheMad

    You Request, and I give a detailed review on it! (REVIVED)

    Yes, I have decided to do this again. All you have to do is request a certain episode, and I'll give a review on it. But this one's a little different. Rather than just getting to the point right then and there, I'm going to give a full, detailed critique on it, and give you my full opinion on...
  6. BrickSponge2015

    Brick reviews episodes

    Blah Blah Blah, you request an episode, I review it, you know the drill. Sadly, there are certain episodes I don't have access to if I need to watch it again, so episodes between Ghost Host and Sing A Song Of Patrick I might not be able to do just because I don't remember them.
  7. DiabolicalGenius

    DiabolicalGenius Reviews Music

    I was just thinking it'd be fun to review music like SBManiac! is (I don't mean to steal your idea but I really like it and I hope it's OK?)
  8. Master WhoBruh

    SB_DW_Fan Reviews Season 5 Episodes

    This will be my first list and I'm so excited for this. Okay, I'm going to review all of season 5 episodes. I don't remember season 5 much but I think It was my second least favorite season. My opinion might change after I watch every season 5 episode again, I might even like this season more...
  9. I grade and review each Season 8 episode

    Accidents Will Happen. This episode is the first Season 8 episode. It aired July 18, 2011. If you ask me this was a bad start to Season 8. It is not cause of Squid Abuse. It is cause how Squidward was sort of a jerk. Now Mr. Krabs does all this stuff for Squidward. Now I am sure that most of you...