1. nobody

    Overrated Post-Movie Episodes

    Seasons 1-3 may be home to a lot of overrated episodes in my opinion, but so does Seasons 4-9a mostly because of their balance. Which post-movie episodes do you think are overrated or not as good as people think it is? For me, I would say Krusty Towers, Not Normal, Sand Castles in the Sand...
  2. TheJasbre202

    SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Ninth Season (DVD/Blu-Ray) Release?

    I've looked these release dates over and i've come up with a pattern: Season 01 DVD - Finished: 04-08-2000 | Released: 10-28-2003 (mostly due to the pilot Tiny Tim song) Season 02 DVD - Finished: 07-26-2003 | Released: 10-19-2004 Season 03 DVD - Finished: 10-11-2004 | Released: 09-27-2005...
  3. ataeaf

    Best Post-Movie (S4+) 32 Tournament

    Here's what we're gonna do? We will vote for five to ten of our favorite episodes from seasons 4 and later (S4 tends to be considered the last good season, but for the purposes of this game it will be all post-movie episodes) until we have 64 episodes. You may use episodes others have voted for...
  4. Homie

    Homestuck's Top 20 Best Post-Movie Spongebob Episodes

    So, when I said i was doing a BEST episode list, I suppose I forgot to specify: My Top 20 Best POST-MOVIE Spongebob episodes. Honestly, if it was best episodes from any season, I think it might have been a bit too predictable (1. Band Geeks 2. Chocolate With Nuts 3. Graveyard Shift) When I...
  5. Master WhoBruh

    Best Post-Movie Episodes of SpongeBob

    There may be an topic like this but It's probably an old topic. Anyway, what are the best post-movie episodes that you've ever seen? These episodes are some of my favorites: Krusty Towers (I think many people will say this episode first) Wishing You Well Have You Seen This Snail? Roller...