1. Is SpongeBob still good nowadays?

    There is a lot of debates about if SpongeBob SquarePants is still good. Do you think he is still good?
  2. It's An Great Christmas!

    Hated Pre-Movie Episodes Hurt and Heal

    A hurt and heal for hated pre-movie episodes. Might include some mixed episodes. Sandy's Rocket 10 Squeaky Boots 10 I Was A Teenage Gary 10 Prehinernation Week 10 Dumped 10 Grandma's Kisses 10 I'm With Stupid 10 Krabby Land 10 Party Pooper Pants 10 New Student Starfish 10 Ugh 10 The Sponge Who...
  3. MimicMadness

    What is the worst season of the pre-movie era?

    What is the worst season of the pre-movie era?
  4. MimicMadness


    There is one rule: You must add another question after answering the questions. [SPOILER="The Questions"[/SPOILER] 1. What is your favorite Spongebob episode? 2. How often are you active? 3. What is your most prized Spongebob-related possession? 4. What is the most ironic pairing? 5. What is...
  5. MimicMadness

    In Progress Fav Season

    What is your favorite season of each era? Choose!
  6. MimicMadness

    Show News Spongebob Specials Poll

    Best and Worst! I'd add all the specials but I reached the max!

    Which one has aged better? Dreamcast/GameCube Era Sonic or PlayStation 2/GameCube Era SpongeBob?

    Okay, guys. I asked this before on somewhere else unrelated, but since different opinions exist all over the web, I decided to see what you guys have to say or think. Which era of these two series have aged better in comparison to the other? Dreamcast Sonic or GameCube SpongeBob? This can...
  8. He Who Reviews

    Wet Painters, or Club SpongeBob Poll.

    Which episode is select, in quality, Wet Painters, or Club SpongeBob? (Both appear comparable, in my perception. Seems to me, it would spark a thorough discussion, and poll. I'd fancy hearing your decision, and reasoning.) :kingneptune:
  9. Michael Scott


  10. Michael Scott

    Season 9B vs Season 10

    Which of the post 2nd movie seasons is better to you? For me, it's not even close. Give me the great 9B over the mediocre Season 10 any day. I find 10 a big downgrade from 9B due to the weaker stories, not enough dialogue humor, and repetitive slapstick. 9B took much more risks with having a...
  11. Michael Scott

    Poll: How would you rank Season 10 with the other seasons?

    I just want to get a general idea of people's thoughts on Season 10. I would give the season a 6 out of 10. Here is how I would rank it with the other seasons: 1: Season 2 2: Season 3 3: Season 1 4: Season 9 5: Season 5 6: Season 4 7: Season 10 8: Season 8 9: Season 7 10: Season 6
  12. Xylophone tracks: good or bad?

    For me, I hate these and wish they could not be used on the show. They're very annoying and I feel like it just doesn't fit the atmosphere of the show. For me, these tracks are okay, just way too overused.
  13. Season 4-11

    Top 5 Patchy bits

    It is rated just by the Patchy segments. SpongeBob parts not included. Only ONE Honorable Mention. It's simple. Here you go! #5 It's a SB Christmas #4 Friend Or Foe #3 The SpongeBob Christmas Special (Christmas Who?) #2 SpongeBob BC (Ugh) Honorable...
  14. Objects from Patty Hype

    The thing is, after recently watching Patty Hype I realized how much there is in the episode, and I wanted to discuss this. For the first question, I'd only have pretty patties as face paint depending if it wears off or not :p. I'd have the other two easily, for the french fry just take it off...
  15. delete my account

    Favorite Genre of Music?

    Very self-explanatory. Vote for your favorite genre of music. If you can't pick a favorite, I recommend choosing the one that you listen to the most. Please note that I do not intend for this to be a flame war over music. I intend for this to be a friendly discussion about the poll and music...
  16. That One Random Boss

    Spandy: Improbable But Not Impossible

    i'm honestly nervous. Anti-shippers will have my head before the Super Bowl starts... Okay... So I am here to tell everyone MY view of this ship. Unfortunately, it's not as silly as E.V.I.L's Squidiam topic. I wish so, but I digress. Feel free to agree, feel free to disagree. I just want to see...
  17. Squids Visit vs A Pal For Gary

    Discuss. I choose Squids Visit because that scene with Squidward and the vacuum cleaner hving tea shows how bad they treat Squidward :(
  18. The splinter vs Fungus among us

    These are considered to be the grossest episodes. Which is worst in your opinion?