1. Which episode contains that scene ?

    Hello Spongebob fans ! I remember an episode I saw when I was young, where Plankton worked at Krusty Krab. I really loved that episode, because Plankton working at Krusty Krab pissed him off so much. Here is the only image I found on Google, without being able to link it to a precise episode. I...
  2. TurtleGamer777

    I have a friend who's making Battle for Bikini Bottom!

    I have a friend who is currently remaking Spongebob battle for Bikini Bottom in HD. He's not just going to add new levels, but he has more plans than that. If you'd like to see progress, join his discord! He even made a tool that exports bfbb levels to unity, so he's gonna try and get everything...
  3. Esme

    "Friend or Foe?" Sweepstakes - Does anybody else remember this?

    yIKES I've had this account dead for many years. hi yes do you how do I'm Esme. I'm someone who likes SpongeBob and memes. Anyway, not my point So I was going through my trash-heap of a room and looking for stuff to throw away, as we're moving to a another town next month. posting via imgur...
  4. Bubbly_Bunny_Liz

    Plankton's Logic

    Can someone please tell me why Plankton doesn't simply just hire someone to buy a Krabby Patty and give it to him. Then he can put the patty in his analyzer (which was a good idea) and get the recipe. Also, why get a new computer wife like he did in "Karen 2.0" when you can update the original...
  5. Squidy

    Which is the best SpongeBob song?

    So here are the choices for the best spongebob songs. F.U.N Ripped pants Pizza delivery Patrick's song Road song The campfire song song The fly song Just a greasy spoon(Mr krabs looses a bet to plankton) Striped sweater Goofy goober Christmas who Now that we're men Note: If I didn't put you're...
  6. AnthonyDaBest

    Quick Drawing of Plankton

    A drawing I made of Plankton! :) I feel like I made him a bit too green, oh well.
  7. Plankton284

    Plankton's Reviews

    Hey guys, since I'm quite new to this forum, I decided to review one of my all-time favorite SpongeBob episodes, "SquidWard the Unfriendly Ghost". Let me first start off by saying that the title of this episode is a awesome reference to a cartoon. Which is quite cool and rare for a SpongeBob...
  8. iedasb

    Krabby Patty Obsession drawing

    An old drawing... That I made in paint, and then made a revamp: Plankton are totally obsessed with Krabby Patties! XD And you? What you think about this revamp, and drawing in general? Btw... I'm selling this design as t-shirts, mugs, Buy here: Krabby Patty Obsession...
  9. Spongenemo

    Martin Garrix - Animals Spongenemo Remix :P

    Tell me whatyou think about my new Work if you like :) Greetings Spongenemo
  10. Spongenemo

    I need some Support with that Song

    Hey Everyone, its me again ;] I had a new Song idea and want to hear your Opinion on it now. I decided to just upload the Drop of the Song and if the Track hits 20 likes on Soundcloud i will release the full Track in High Quality with Free Download...
  11. iedasb

    14th of February (fanfic)

    This fanfic was writen by Petra-K-Z and me... This is a fanfic about Plankton and Karen in Valentine's day. 14th of February It was Valentines’ day in Bikini Bottom. And of course, Valentines’ day is a day for everyone, but mostly for couples. And one of those couples was Karen and Sheldon...
  12. Mighty Max

    How will the commercials go?

    What do you guys think? Do you think the commercials will be good i mean I think there might be happy meal toys or some kind of commerical for the movie and im wondering if Nick will show a sneak peek of the movie so any ideas?
  13. DiabolicalGenius

    Plankton Plushie Advice

    Does anybody know where I could find a good Plankton plushie? From what I've seen this is my favourite:
  14. DiabolicalGenius

    Plankton's Diary: Evil Laugh
  15. DiabolicalGenius

    Plankton's Holiday Hits