1. Grapey

    SpongeBob Fanon Halloween Party

    Hey guys! Grapey here. Halloween's just around the corner, and I think it would be a cool idea if I were to host a HALLOWEEN party, full of roleplays, discussions about SpongeBob episodes, games, and so much more. Everyone's invited, and it's going to take place ALL OCTOBER! If you would like to...
  2. Grapey

    SpongeBob fan made episode (animatics)

    Hey guys, Grapey here. As you have seen from my SpongeBob drawings, I’m quite an art enthusiast, and though I’m not a SB crew member, it never hurts to start early. So, I’m thinking about making fanmade episodes. Well, not really episodes, more… storyboards? And these will only be a few minutes...
  3. Pikarin

    Neat Little Fellas (The Patrick Star Show Fanart)

    I drew something for The Patrick Star Show Premier a few days ago but I forgot to post it here www. it's been posted on my Twitter, where it got noticed by the official SpongeBob account :excited:
  4. TurtleGamer777

    I have a friend who's making Battle for Bikini Bottom!

    I have a friend who is currently remaking Spongebob battle for Bikini Bottom in HD. He's not just going to add new levels, but he has more plans than that. If you'd like to see progress, join his discord! He even made a tool that exports bfbb levels to unity, so he's gonna try and get everything...
  5. artsykids


    HEY :DD I Made a drawing of spongebob and patrick for christmas! I filmed the sketching & the colouring :))) I'll appreciate if you check it out! thank you :D :thumb1: should I make more?
  6. BackToSpongebob

    Spongebob and Patrick.. who are they?

    I know the user 'Spongebob and Patrick' sends friend requests to new members, but who are they, and what do they do that for? This is a mystery with a twistery! I'm more confused than when I first found out that the pilot episode wasn't on the original Spongebob Squarepants Season 1 DVD (they...
  7. Squidy

    Which is the best SpongeBob song?

    So here are the choices for the best spongebob songs. F.U.N Ripped pants Pizza delivery Patrick's song Road song The campfire song song The fly song Just a greasy spoon(Mr krabs looses a bet to plankton) Striped sweater Goofy goober Christmas who Now that we're men Note: If I didn't put you're...
  8. Priyarena31

    Look at this cray video of SpongeBob :O

    Hey guys! I’m Priya from Greenpeace and we’ve created a video that I thought you might like as it features SpongeBob Squarepants to tell everyone about why the unique Amazon Reef needs defending. I would really appreciate if you shared this campaign video on your page :) If you want to know...
  9. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    PoliticalPatrick's NEW Top/Bottom 5 SB Episodes from each season.

    #5 Worst For Season 1 Boating School So, this episode. I don't find it to be that bad by any means, although it's not without flaws, this episode's main flaw is how boring it is. I know that Season One has simple stories filled with comedy but -in my opinion- the comedy is slightly lacking...
  10. Post your New Episode Idea Here! Revived!

    This is mine, a: The Booty-Trapped Tunnel SpongeBob and Patrick go down the tunnel, gets trapped there, and now they need to call for help. b: A-Hiding We Will Go SpongeBob and Patrick plays hide and seek, but Patrick is about to hide somewhere that isn't safe, and it's up to SpongeBob to find...
  11. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    PoliticalPatrick's Top and Bottom Five SB Episodes for each season.

    Top: Season One ---------------- 5. Walking Small - This episode is probably here beacause of the good pacing, good comedy, and a good plot resolving. Star Rating: 8.1/ 10 4. Culture Shock - I love this episode so much! The comedy is top notch, and the plot is genius! I recommend it...
  12. Assuming the production year of each season.

    Season 1 (1998-1999)- The first episode premiered in May, 1999, and production takes 6 month, so it might have been made back in 1998. And it must have ended in the near-end of 1999, due to Hooky/Mermaidman II premiering in April, 2000. Season 2 (1999? or 2000?-2001)- The episode's easter eggs...
  13. Sailor Mouth

    Did anyone else notice how Patrick's nice again?

    From seasons 5 to 8, he was almost always very mean and unbelievably dumb. Now I noticed that in the majority of season 9 episodes (especially season 9b) he's been actually so nice to SpongeBob and it's like he's back to his early seasons of stupidity, where he wasn't that stupid and he's funny...
  14. Sailor Mouth

    I made a little Spongebob and Patrick fanvid.

    I randomly decided to make a Spongebob and Patrick fanvideo because I love their relationship. I noticed the only videos there are of them are only pictures, so I made one with video clips. I'm kind of new (and probably stupid), so I don't really know how to post a video here from youtube, so...
  15. Fiery Fist O' Pain

    The Jellion Patrick Theory

    So I've been thinking. One of the most famous SpongeBob lines in history occurs when Patrick asks Squidward, in the episode Band Geeks, "Is mayonnaise an instrument". It's easy to play this off as a stupid question — but what if it isn't. Years later, we SpongeBob fans were introduced to an...
  16. Nicktoonsummersplash2001

    Anyone remember this game from back in 2002?

    Anyone remember playing this back in 2002 on I do.
  17. TheSpongeWhoCan'tFly

    What's the worst "Patrick-based" episode

    It's really a pain to watch one of the best characters of the show, become possibly the absolute worst. Why is he so bad? Well, he went from a very funny comic relief that would always make us laugh, to a bully. When he is a jerk, it is hard to look at him the same way. When he is an idiot now...
  18. Voldemario

    Character(s) YOU relate to!

    Are there any characters YOU relate to? By relate, I mean characters that have similar qualities to you. For example, I relate to BOTH SpongeBob and Squidward. Like SpongeBob, I enjoy having fun, I can be annoying at times and I can be pretty dumb. Like Squidward, I LOVE tea and a good book...
  19. Spongenemo

    Genemo & Christopher Redburn - Angel (PREVIEW)

    Heyyy everyone :D I Will release my first project tomorrow, with the vocal of a good friend. heres a little preview: actually sounds kinda like avicii's music haha leave a like there if you like it :) thank you, spongenemo
  20. Spongenemo

    Martin Garrix - Animals Spongenemo Remix :P

    Tell me whatyou think about my new Work if you like :) Greetings Spongenemo