1. nobody

    Overrated Post-Movie Episodes

    Seasons 1-3 may be home to a lot of overrated episodes in my opinion, but so does Seasons 4-9a mostly because of their balance. Which post-movie episodes do you think are overrated or not as good as people think it is? For me, I would say Krusty Towers, Not Normal, Sand Castles in the Sand...
  2. q543frodomar

    Band Geeks is overrated

    Me: Band Geeks is overrated! Audience: Boo!! You Stink! Me: Okay, Okay! Here's my opinion: Band Geeks isn't the best episode. It's actually only decent. Seriously, people only like it because of Squidward winning. Band Geeks is severely overrated and people only like it because of that song...
  3. toasterstrutel

    Most overrated classic spongebob episodes

    Naughty Nautical neighbors