1. A SpongeBob Movie Idea: The Little Mer-Sponge

    This is an idea for another SpongeBob Movie. This time revolving around the classic fairy tale, "The Little Mermaid". I call it: "The SpongeBob Movie: The Little Mer-Sponge" Here's a summary of the movie: When King Neptune is planning to sign a treaty with the ruler of the Japanese Seas...
  2. SpongeBobsNumber1Fan

    Question For Anyone Who Has Seen The SpongeBob Musical

    Hey everyone! I have an important question for anyone here who has seen The SpongeBob Musical live on Broadway. The show looks absolutely incredible and I really want to see it, but here's the thing. I have a hearing condition and I'm not supposed to expose myself to very loud, sudden noises...
  3. Stolen Maggie Daddies

    Weird question

    Would we ever expect the Spongebob Musical soundtrack to be posted up onto the media section of the site?
  4. Stolen Maggie Daddies

    New Song Released From the Spongebob Musical!