mr. krabs

  1. Neikke

    Drawing Mr. Krabs!

    And that's my drawing of Mr. Krabs! I love that guy!
  2. realmasterpieces99

    Where is Spongebob not popular?

    I'm so used to everyone loving Spongebob, but in which countries in the world is Spongebob NOT popular (besides North Korea, of course), and which ones ARE he popular in? The only countries that I know Spongebob is popular in are the U.S., U.K., Germany, Serbia, and (I think) Israel.
  3. Esme

    "Friend or Foe?" Sweepstakes - Does anybody else remember this?

    yIKES I've had this account dead for many years. hi yes do you how do I'm Esme. I'm someone who likes SpongeBob and memes. Anyway, not my point So I was going through my trash-heap of a room and looking for stuff to throw away, as we're moving to a another town next month. posting via imgur...
  4. Mr. Krabs caused bomb explosion, (featuring Supmandude)
  5. GordokTheMad

    Nyan Krabs Obey Nyan Krabs. He wants MOAR rainbow cookies!
  6. Wumbologist

    SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs Relationship

    Most of the time, SpongeBob cares a lot about Mr. Krabs and follows orders. However, Mr. Krabs relationships can differ. Sometimes, particularly in early episodes. Mr. Krabs acted as a fatherly authority figure towards SpongeBob. On the other hand, he can be mean to SpongeBob and use him for his...
  7. ssj4gogita4

    Favorite song?

    What is your favorite song in the series? I know we've had a few topics like this in the past but it's been over a year, I believe, since the last one so... Mine is still "a stove is a stove" followed by "You're Old"