1. CannedBread

    Sponge Out of Water CannedBread's Review of Sponge Out of Water.

    Original review on Letterboxd : "This movie is everything I could wish for in a film about a animated sea sponge. This film has so much comedy, action, and just such intresting scenes, that are complimented by the color pallet of the underwater scenery. One great example...
  2. Spongebob Movie Plothole Sandy

    Hey. Just wanted to ask you something. Watched the new Spongebob movie yesterday and I asked myself if did I forgot or miss something in the show? (btw there are some spoilers of the movie, if u didnt watch it yet). Soooo... did they just randomly changed Sandys Background? As I remember...
  3. Chaserx

    Why Do People Hate The Post-Movie Seasons So Much?

    The episodes are not outstandingly horrible (excluding A Pal For Gary) so why is there so much blind hatred? if you do hate those seasons, share why you think it went downhill, and when.
  4. Mikurotoro92

    Cartoon Network Why SpongeBob fans should stop hating Teen Titans GO

    I know there are a few SBSP fans who enjoy TTG but most of them hate it However, I recently watched Teen Titans GO to the Movies and SpongeBob SquarePants HIMSELF (a.k.a Tom Kenny) was the voice of the computer Also one of the modern SpongeBob writers Luke Cormican worked on the film What I...
  5. Inactive User

    Super Mario Movie Confirmed

    So it's confirmed, (maybe this is becuase Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best games of 2017) Nintendo made a deal with Illumination Entertainment (creators of Despicable Me,etc.) and they are going to make a movie about Super Mario. I Personally hope the movie is related to SMO and that the...
  6. spongegiy

    The production timings of the first movie and Season 4

    So, this is something that's been perplexing me for a while. Season 3's production ended in early 2002, at which point the crew explicitly considered it to be the end of the show and went to work on the movie which was supposed to be the show's big conclusion, and Nick just spaced out the...
  7. Matthew Davis the Movie Lover. This is Matthew Davis the Movie Lover, he really hates Johnny Test.
  8. Barg N' Mart Lou

    Who Else Actually Cried During This?

    Who Else Cried During This Part?
  9. Doesn't Season 4 have facial expressions similar to the movie?

    Guys, don't you think that Season 4 have similar expressions to the movie in it's early episodes?
  10. SpongeBobsNumber1Fan

    Preparations For The Movie?

    So as we all know, today marks 1 WEEK until the release of "Sponge Out Of Water"!!!! :D So are you guys doing anything special to prepare for it? As for me, throughout the month I've been rewatching the whole entire series from the beginning! I'm also doing a playthrough of the video game of the...
  11. Bobbybroccoli

    Spongebob: The Movie game playthrough.

    Hey, so I've been playing through the Spongebob Movie Game if you want to follow along!
  12. MrColeslaw

    SpongeBob's Look Over The Years

    Since, I'm home all day today, I figure I might as well start a topic relating to SpongeBob's design. There was a thread on this a little less than a year ago, but I didn't want to bump it. And to be honest, the thread wasn't really about his changes; just pictures drawn by fans depicting the...
  13. BrickSponge2015

    The Lego Movie I'm really excited for this. Emmet really reminds me of myself, and Unikitty looks just looks adorable. I wonder why this didn't happen earlier... Here are some pics of the Lego sets they made for this: ...along with others.
  14. Best Movie of your Favroite heros/super- heros

    Batman: The Dark Night Rises Spider-Man: Spider-Man 3 The Avengers
  15. Kung Fu Panda 3

    there will be a Kung Fu Panda 3 in 2015 on December 23rd
  16. MrColeslaw

    Despicable Me 2

    Anyone else see this, like I did? How did you like it? I loved it.
  17. TheOneAndOnly543

    My Top 50 most FAVORITE Episodes! :D

    They are in no particular order! :) 1. Good Neighbors 2. Help Wanted 3. Doing Time 4. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV 5. Plankton's Pet 6. SB 129 7. I'm Your Biggest Fanatic 8. Krusty Towers 9. Dunces & Dragons 10. Rock Bottom 11. Stanley S SquarePants 12. Employee of The Month 13...
  18. TheOneAndOnly543

    Exactly what percentage of SpongeBob fans are post movie haters?

    I'm kinda curious to know. Especially right now w/ season 9 and all. Moved to "SpongeBob" forum
  19. TheOneAndOnly543

    Do you think the movie caused a division between fans?

    I really think that it did, even though it was an extremely awesome film!! =] Imagine if there were no SpongeBob movie ever created yet, and the show still managed to last for at least 10 years, with Paul Tibbit and other executives producing. Would there be such a divide as the old/pre...