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  1. Student

    The Spongebob SquarePants Spin-Off Show Premieres, Promos, And Events!

    The show of the sponge! New animator for each season. First up is season 1. It is made in a mix of CGI and 2D, where the backgrounds are hand-drawn and the characters have their "Sponge On The Run" designs. It has 13 episodes each, plus two shorts that premiered before it. Counting "After the...
  2. Puffy Fluffy

    why halloween is ruined for me

    ok so last year i was handing out candy and this guy comes up to my door and said trick or treat. well i only give candy if i approve of your costume and i did not approve of this guys costume. something about was off. so i asked him what he was and he said a pirate. i did not approve of this so...
  3. SpongeBobfan1987

    Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in 20 Styles

  4. TheGreatWizard

    Are you going trick or treating?

    Well it's almost Halloween :sbhalloween: Which means it's time to get our trick or treating on! :shiftysponge: and wear costumes :sandyhalloween: :pearlhalloween: :boyhalloween: :pathalloween: :squidhalloween: So are you going? Or cowering in fear of the sp00ky skeletons that lie ahead?
  5. iedasb

    I want to make a SB Halloween picture

    I want to make a SpongeBob Halloween picture, I don't have much ideas... Since in my country we don't really celebrate halloween :T I want to do something involving Spandy(SpongeBobxSandy). But it would be cool to hear ideas for costumes, poses, etc. I already made one SB halloween pic in 2010...

    What's your Halloween plan?

    So what is your Halloween plan? Do you go trick or treating? Give out candy? Pretend to be a 8 year-old and still ask people for candy? Do a haunted house? Go to a party? Hang out with friends? Don't care? Undicided? I'm still undicided on what I am going to do, need to decide soon...
  7. GordokTheMad

    Gordok's Top Ten Darkest/Creepiest Spongebob Episodes of All Time

    I will finish my Top 10 Silliest Spongebob Episodes, but I want to make this list as well. You all know how Spongebob is a silly, happy show about a sweet yellow sponge? Where everything is so innocent and cute? Well, hidden inside this show are episodes that are… well, not so innocent and...