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    Hey Guys, I wanted to make this topic months ago but it's finally here, post your own versión of the list ABYSMAL TEAR Notorious One Coarse Meal ATROCITY TIER A Pal for Gary Pet Sitter Pat TERRIBLE TIER Abhorrent Little Yellow Book Stuck in the Wringer Odious Boating Buddies...
  2. The Guy With the Computer

    Top 10 least favorite episode pairings.

    Yeah, I haven't made a list in a while. I still need to update my top 20 favorite post-film episodes, since I hadn't updated it in 20 days. But, anyways, we have my top 10 least favorite pairings list. Now, when it comes to Spongebob, there are those pairings that are amazing (CWN/MM&BB V)...
  3. The Guy With the Computer

    Season 2 and season 3 comparison.

    Yes, my list is over. I'm proud of myself, and I'm sure you all are proud of me. Thank you all. But, today, I feel like doing something else. To keep this stuff alive, we have, my season 2 and season 3 comparison. Now, the reason why I'm doing this is because, well, I think 3 is better than 2...
  4. The Guy With the Computer

    I review every season 6 episode.

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but oh well. I have to say... season 6 wasn't to good. Gross moments, unlikeable characters, character abuse, you name it. However... I've been to harsh to season 6. I will update every Saturday. Here's the example of the updates: Episode...
  5. TheSlash-BringingHasher

    SBM's bottom 21 hosted by slash.

    Hello and welcome to SBM's bottom 21 hosted by me.So the rules are u pm me your list and I won't spoil it ^_^ Now lets start the PMS.
  6. The Guy With the Computer

    Charles' Bottom 60 episodes (as of currently)

    Yes, I will finish my top 117, just calm down. Hello, it's Charles D here, to countdown my 60 least favorite episodes! Like a lot of people, I loved the show's beginning. Around the middle of season 4, though, I felt the show's downfall. The show went uphill again in the middle of season 8...
  7. The Guy With the Computer

    Top 117 best Pre-movie EPS!

    Hello, my fellow friends. I wanted to do this for a while, and I decided to do the top 117 best seasons 1-3 episodes. There are 117 in total, so that's why I picked this number. I will do one episode a day, and a hint. See ya. Hint for 117: Vacuums